Karen Powers, President

409 Andrew Drive

Valparaiso, Fl 32580

850-678-3140(daytime wk)

850-729-7760 (evenings)


Happy Holidays to all my Auxiliary sisters. Hard to believe we are almost at the end of 2014.  Where has the time gone? At this time of year especially we need to remember those less fortunate than ourselves and we need to make sure no veteran is left home alone.  Many of our veterans and their families will spend this holiday season apart; let’s make sure we make the time to include them in our holiday plans.   If you know of any veteran alone invite them to your holiday festivities or serve holiday dinner at your Post home.  This is the time for family and they are our family! Reach out and make a difference in their lives, let them know they are important to us.  Without our veterans we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have.

February SEC will be here before we know it and our National President Sylvia Rowland will be attending our SEC. We will have a reception for her immediately following our Friday evenings business session.  Please stop by and make an appearance at her reception.

I would like to thank my Auxiliary sisters for all their prayers and cards of encouragement I have received from you the last several weeks.  Your prayers & cards have helped so much.  I am so blessed to be a part of our Auxiliary sisterhood.

As we know our membership year end is rapidly approaching, let’s get those renewals sent to Executive Secretary in a timely manner, please do not hold them all until the last minute.  Remember if a member does not renew by December 31, 2014 they shall come in as a new member and will need to prove eligibility all over again.

For this holiday I wish you and yours

The gift of love,

The gift of peace,

The gift of joy…

May these be yours this Christmas.



AMVETS Ladies Department of Florida

1st Vice President, Sheila Haywood

5512 Palm Dr Ft. Pierce, Fl 34982

Phone: 772-216-2940/ EMAIL:


Hi Ladies

Can’t wait to see you all in February. It’s amazing how fast time passes by when you’re having so much fun. My theme this year is (Let’s Jingle for Membership).

I’m asking all first vice to make up a short jingle and mail it to me ASAP with your phone number. I will choose 2 Jingles to be sung by members from the chosen auxiliary’s at each S.E.C. when I give my report. Please put your phone # on your jingle and I will call you so you can be prepared to sing your Jingle. We can have some fun with this. Example Holly Burbach’s Jingle was a hit at our October SEC. Her jingle went to the tune of: America the Beautiful

Our ladies auxiliary, is women strong and kind.

We help our vets and families, in any way we find.

We donate to charity and this I say to thee.

Camaraderie and unity we do it all with glee.


Mark your calendars; February 12-15 will be upon us before we know it. Can’t wait to see you all there.


Sherry Marecek, 2nd Vice President

102 Diogenes Street

Dunedin, FL 34698



Holiday Greetings Ladies:

I would like to start by wishing everyone a joyous, safe and prosperous New Year!

My theme this year is “Step up and reach out for our future”.  As we all know, our future is our children!!!

I’m sure with the holidays upon us you all have been working really hard on Children’s Christmas parties, making plans for your John Tracy Clinic and Make A Wish functions, making sure our needier children have enough school supplies for the remainder of the year, etc.  Am I not correct?

Well, our February SEC is quickly approaching and I want to see all the reports of everything wonderful thing you’ve done for our children.  In order for your Child Welfare evaluations to appear in the SEC book, reports must be IN MY HANDS by January 10, 2015.  Please don’t wait until the last minute to mail and remember, faxed copies and emails are not accepted.  Also, mark the “waive signature” box if you are sending via priority mail.

When completing your reports, please be sure to use the NEW service report, fill them out completely and include the Chairman’s name, address and phone number.  REMEMBER, Child Welfare is only for children.  If you have a question, (i.e. Child Welfare vs Community Service) please don’t hesitate to call me.

I’m surprised at how few Auxiliaries have sent reports thus far, but I have faith that we will have 100% reporting by the end of the year.

Happy Holidays and looking forward to seeing everyone in February!


Meltonia Presley

1517 Riley Ave.

Orlando, Florida 32805

407- 223-5688

Greetings Ladies,

Well here it is, we are half way through the year and we are doing well in reporting.  I want to remind you about the challenge for the million dollar total evaluation.  We are doing well and I am confident we will be on top. I would like to thank all auxiliaries that have sent in reports thus far. Continue with working in your community and don’t forget to send in your reports. Deadline for Service Reports to be in the SEC book is January 10, 2015. My challenge this year is the auxiliary with the highest total evaluation for Ronald McDonald House (which is also a PDP Charlene Kee Award). I will be collecting pull tabs at the February SEC to pass on to the JUNIORS. Please, Please, Please, do your reports for the pull tabs before sending them in.   Let’s continue working towards our Honors and Awards programs and helping in our communities. Happy Holidays and I am looking forward to seeing everyone in February.



Catherine E. Carroll, Americanism Officer

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Department of Florida

131 Crossways Dr.

Leesburg, FL. 34788


catcarroll @


Greetings Ladies:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… to all!

Americanism Poster and Essay Contest entries must be submitted by January 15th. Please mail to: Luther Davidson 912 Gingertree Place, Port Orange, Fl. 32127 prior to Deadline. Please be sure you have checked your entry to the criteria of the contest ex: Word Count.

I am sure that you all have been very busy getting packages and cards out to our brave men and women overseas, placing wreaths and all the other events that the holidays bring. KEEP UP the GREAT WORK!

B.H.A.G. at Mid-Year:  Americanism is slightly ahead of

Community Service in total evaluations on our way to the

MILLION DOLLAR GOAL and Community Service is ahead

In number of Auxiliaries Reported and is closer to reaching the

100 % REPORTED GOAL. We are all well on our way to an



DEADLINE for REPORTS to be included in SEC Book

JANUARY 10th, 2015


****Thank you to those of you that send your reports in as the events happen. *****


Barbara Branch, Hospital Officer

2051 High Ridge Dr.

Clearwater, FL 33763

727 239-0268

Greetings Ladies:

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  I know you worked hard so others could enjoy it also.

I want to remind you that the SEC in Feb. is our last for the year and then we have our convention.  Awards will be issued and I want everyone that has worked so hard all year to report their work and apply for the awards.  You must report all of your work.

Remember that Jan. 10, 2015 is the deadline for all service reports to the service officers so they will appear in the S.E.C. book.

My theme “How can I help You”, lets our veterans and community know what we are about.  Keep up the good work and please keep those reports coming and pay strict attention to the deadlines.  Looking forward to seeing you in Feb.


Charlene D. Kee, Dept. Parliamentarian

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary

P.O. Box 457 Eustis, FL 32727

(352) 357-0866




Just a reminder, our bylaws are to be reviewed every three (3) years in order to be revalidated. After they have been reviewed and read twice to your membership and voted on during the second reading, submit three (3) copies and one (1) copy of the minutes from where the membership approved the bylaws to the Department Parliamentarian for approval. Be sure they are signed and dated by the local Parliamentarian and President.  Your bylaws are not approved until they have been signed by the Department Parliamentarian and President and returned to your local auxiliary.

I have created a cover sheet to be used when submitting bylaws.  Every SEC Woman was given a copy.  Please complete the form to insure that all items on the checklist are included when submitting your bylaws. Please do not request a signature when mailing bylaws.


The following auxiliaries listed below bylaws are due before the 2015 Department Convention:

District IVAuxiliary #2Auxiliary #7Auxiliary #32Auxiliary #44
Auxiliary #50*Auxiliary #59Auxiliary #60Auxiliary #67Auxiliary #100
Auxiliary #292Auxiliary #301Auxiliary #312*Auxiliary #447Auxiliary #550
Auxiliary #911Auxiliary #1208Auxiliary #1292Auxiliary #2001Auxiliary #2006
Auxiliary #2298                                      *Not Revalidated



PDP Donnajeanne Hakler, Treasurer

5756 Calais Blvd. N. #3

St. Petersburg FL  33709

727-463-1757 (cell) 727-545-3534 (evenings & fax)


Hello Ladies:

The holidays were busy for everyone but we are now off and running for 2015.  I hope everyone had a peaceful and joyous holiday season.   It is now time for our Winter SEC in Orlando. I am looking forward to seeing all of you again soon.

I am hopeful that all of our local Treasurers have made sure that their local IRS 990 post card has been filed and you have provided a copy of it to our Executive Secretary.

I must say that “watching” your money is really important to me.  If any of you ever have any questions regarding the Department Budget or anything related to it, please do not hesitate to ask me.  The handling your local Auxiliary’s money is very important and accurate records are really important.

Remember that two signatures are required on your Auxiliary checks and no checks will be accepted at Department without the two signatures. In addition your local treasurer should be giving monthly reports at each meeting, and providing copies to the local President, Secretary and your members.

See you all soon and keep warm!

Joy Nekola


16601 NW 85th Ter

Fanning Springs FL 32693



Thank You Ladies,

We had a great October SEC and looking forward to the February SEC.

With our great sells I feel this SEC will be even better. Pat Orr and I are

looking   forward to serving you and getting you what you need. If you

would like to help just be there Friday morning and all help is appreciated.

We have Hats, Pins Shirts, Jackets all kinds of new stuff. So let’s get “R” done.


Yours in Service

Joy Nekola



Jill Holstein , P.R.O.

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Department of Florida

360 Okaloosa Avenue

Valparaiso, Fl 32580

(850) 517-6720


Merry Christmas everyone!!  I am in need of photos of all the Home Post of the Auxiliaries throughout the State of Florida of your Christmas Parties and or Dinners with your Auxiliary Officers and members in them.  If you are taking your pictures with a smart phone you can upload on your Face book  personal page or your local Auxiliary Face book page !!! (Really Easy).  My face book page is Jill Holstein, please add me as a friend and send me the pictures!!!  Call me if you need assistance.

For those of you who take pictures using a camera I will gladly take them by mail.

Remember Lights….Camera…Action then send them to me also identify members in the pictures.



AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary

Department of Florida

PDP Evelyn McElvin, Awards Chairman



Good Evening Ladies:

That’s right Time and Mardi Gras.  Still plenty of time to gather your reports and send them in.

Be a part of our big celebration at our annual Convention in June.

It’s a Mardi Gras Awards on parade.  Don’t forget come in your Red, White & Blue mask and or parade outfits; don’t be left out of all the fun.

Please look for our Forecast coming at our February SEC.  Remember this is not yours to keep, but to share all the important information with your auxiliary sisters.


Awards Deadline-  May 23, 2015

*Watch the deadlines

*Follow the criteria

*Ask for help if you don’t understand

To those auxiliaries who purchase Past Department President’s memorial awards, you can make your checks out to the:  Department Gaveliers.  The fee will be $20.00 for the award and you can start turning them in at the February SEC conference or Deadline is May 23, 2015.


GET READY     ,  SET    ,   GO   the run is on  APPLY for Department awards this year !



Dee Norman, Ways & Means Chairman

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Department of Florida

109 20th Street

Niceville, Florida 32578

(850) 279-6713


Holiday Greetings to one and all!

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas and SEC will be here before we know it.

At our Mid Winter SEC we will be having a “Basket of Cheer” drawing.  Please stop by our table conveniently located at the back of our meeting room and purchase your chances to win the “Basket of Cheer”.  As always the tickets will be at the convenient and affordable price of $1.00 a piece or 10 for $5.00.

Wishing you and yours a Beautiful Holiday Season and a New Year of Peace, Happiness and Harmony.



PDP Dolores (Dee) Baggett

13238 Rose Hollow Way

Astatula, FL 34705

352-742-8215 email:


I want to thank all the auxiliary members who signed out tickets for our daily 50/50 for the February drawings.  These tickets can be mailed to me or turned in at the SEC.  If your auxiliary did not get any tickets and you would like some please call me.  Please keep in mind you do not have to be present to win.  I DO THANK EVERYONE WHO TOOK THESE HOME TO SELL!!

The joint Convention Committee will be hosting the Horse Races Saturday Night!  So come out and support us and place your bets!  I AM SURE YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME! SEE YOU THERE!

The banquet will be a Steak Dinner, Side Dishes,Dessert, Ice Tea (upon request) and water with a drink ticket!  Tickets can be purchased at the SEC.  Each table will be of groups of 8 if you would like a whole table.  We will have a table at the SEC selling tickets.  We want to show our Commanders and President our support.  SO MAKE YOUR PLANS TO ATTEND NOW!!



Doe Seals, Recording Secretary

4211-2nd Ave. No.

St. Petersburg, FL 33713




Greetings, Ladies:

Please remember to go to the microphone when addressing the assembly, also for the recorder to pick up what you are saying.  Please state your name and which auxiliary you belong to.  Also, there will be motion sheets placed on each table.  If you make a motion, please write it down, indicate who 2nd the motion and bring it to the head table so it can be reviewed by Madam President and the Parliamentarian.

Thank you, Ladies.  Looking forward to seeing many of you in February.


Jerri Devoll

Department Chaplain

217 Ladue Ave

Crestview, FL  32539



May God Bless and keep you safe over the Christmas season. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, spending time with friends and family.

I am so sad L, no one had sent me a prayer, poem or verse for the Presidents’ Prayer Book. I really hope that you all have them tucked away and will shower me with them as soon as you read this. J

Please send 3 copies to me, and use the current Deceased Member Notification Updated 9/2013.  Please send the notices in a timely manner so that cards may be sent to the families.

Keep our Auxiliary sisters in your prayers, we do not always know what trials and tribulations many of them are going through and they need us to keep them close.

Our condolences go out to the families of our Auxiliary members that have passed.



Linda Hoon, Exec. Sec’y.

2826 Tamiami Trail

Crestview, FL  32539

Phone/Fax:  850-306-2647


Membership renewals have been coming in steadily so keep up the good work.  Below are just a few pointers on sending in membership and donations.

  1. Only donations for Department/National projects are sent to Department.
  2. New membership sent in after June 1 is processed for the following year
  3. You should send 2 (two) copies of all forms that you send to me
  4. Checks are made payable to AMVETS Ladies Aux Dept of Fla
  5. All checks should have TWO signatures
  6. Name and/or address changes must be sent on a change form not the D&R
  7. Please put your name and Auxiliary number on all e-mails.
  8. You must remit $22.00 for each Annual member and $300.00 for each Life member
  9. You must remit $10.00 for an Honorary member one time only
  10. Replacement cards are $20 for a Life card and $10 for an annual.
  11. Honorary members should be re-approved each year but dues are only one time
  12. D&R should be typed or printed legibly to avoid errors
  13. Use the member’s legal, name not nicknames
  14. Do not abbreviate town names. Even if I know, National may not.

The deadline for having all renewals to me is January 7th so be sure to mail them the first week of January.  Anything received after the 7th will be entered as new members.  See you soon.


Claudia Thompson,  Sgt. at Arms

1409 Pembrook Dr.

Leesburg, Fl. 34748

(352)348-3326 (Cell)


Thank you to all who served as pages at the October S.E.C. If you are willing to serve again at the February S.E.C. or anyone else who is willing to serve as a page, please contact me when you arrive at the S.E.C. or call me at the number above.





Saturday, June 13, 2015


Name: ___________________________________ Date: __________________


AMVETS Post Location: _______________________________ Post # __________


Please check appropriate box below


(  ) AMVETS     (   ) AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary    (    ) Sons Of AMVETS    (   )   Other

Reservations and Table Assignments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  No reservations will be processed without total receipt of payment.

Ticket Purchases are Non-Refundable



Number of Tickets Requested: ____________

        Price of Each Ticket: _$20.00__________Table of 8 = $ 160.00

Total Amount Owed: ______________


Please let us know if you require any special requests!


Make checks out toDept. of Florida AMVETS (Do not mail cash)

Mail to:  PDP Dolores (Dee) Baggett- 13238 Rose Hollow Way, Astatula, FL  34705

Email-   phone:  (352) 742- 8215


All tickets will be together and held for one person to pick-up at the June Convention.  Please indicate who will be claiming your tickets: ________________________________


Dates & Amounts may be subject to change.


October SEC, Oct. 24-27, 2013

9840 International DriveRosen Centre

Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: 407-996-9840 or 1-800-800-9840

Rate: $105.00






                                                            Service reports

                                                                Credentials              deadline to be             SEC/CONV.

Function                      Hot Line          Pre-Registration        included  in the book      Book______


Oct. 2013 SEC           8-21-13                  10-5-13                      9-22-12 **                 10-5-13

**        Report status guaranteed to appear in service officers’ reports for the book


Articles for the Hot Line are sent to Dept. President (Dept. Officers only)

Please note that the February S.E.C. book & the June Convention book contain

Dept. Officers, VAVS Representatives, Local & District Presidents



UPCOMING SEC’s & LOCATION (subject to change)


October 2013  SEC                           Oct. 24-27, 2013         Rosen Center, Orlando         $105.00

February 2014 SEC                          Feb. 13-16, 2014        Rosen Center, Orlando         $107.00

June 2014 Convention                      Jun. 05-08, 2014        Rosen Center, Orlando         $107.00

October 2014 SEC                            Oct. 30-02, 2014         Rosen Center, Orlando         $107.00











Robert Barker

509 Hickory Lake Drive

Brandon, Fl 33511

home: 813-541-1340









February SEC – February 12-15, 2015


Pre-Registration:  $10.00                                                                    Deadline:  1-24-15





Mail to:  Sandy Polite, Credentials Chairman

2816-5 Sterling Crest Ln.           Orlando, FL  32818

Telephone #:  407-222-2109                                                  e-mail:


Auxiliary #:  _______________  Location: _________________________________________________


Person Reporting:  ______________________________________Phone #:_______________________


E-mail:  ______________________________________________ Amount Enclosed:________________



Direction:  (1) Please print     (2) Only list officers and members attending the SEC    (3)Only the President and SEC vote at SEC meetings.  All other members attending are listed under members.

(4) Check the box if this is the member’s first state meeting


Only Elected/Appointed Department Officers and PDP’s paid for by Department


___________________________________              ___________________________________


___________________________________              ___________________________________


___________________________________              ___________________________________



President:        _________________________________     SEC: _______________________________


Alt. SEC:         _________________________________




_________________________________________             _____________________________________


_________________________________________             _____________________________________


_________________________________________             _____________________________________


_________________________________________             _____________________________________



Honorary Member/Guest – (NO VOTE):


_______________________________________                ________________________________