Karen Powers, President
AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Department of Florida
409 Andrew Drive Valparaiso, Fl 32580
(850) 678-3140 wk
(850) 729-7760 hm


I would like to thank you for re-electing me to serve you for a second term as your President. Again we have an enthusiastic group of officers who are excited to serve you and do their job. We are here to assist you where and when needed all you have to do is contact us.

My theme will continue as “United We Stand”. We, the AMVETS family, have proven this year we are stronger when we are United. My project will once again be the Carillon Bells at Lake Worth. Please send all donations for this to our Executive Secretary Linda Hoon, 2826 Tamiami Trail, Crestview, Fl 32539.

We have just returned from National where Florida had a very good showing. We had 29 delegates on the floor. I would like to congratulate PDP Evelyn McElvin for being elected our National Second Vice President and PDP Dee Baggett for being elected as our National Americanism Officer. I am sure they will both represent Florida well as they travel up the chairs. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES FLORIDA IS PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU!!!!

One main thing I want to get out is at National there was a resolution on the AMVETS floor that stated the subordinate organizations DID NOT HAVE TO CHANGE THEIR MEMBERSHIP YEAR to comply with the AMVETS membership year. Please thank the AMVETS for their support this would have caused a financial disaster. We truly had the support of our AMVETS.

I hope all of you are planning on attending our October SEC October 31-2 November at the Rosen Centre in Orlando. Our wonderful PDP’s will be holding a “School of Instruction” on Saturday afternoon, please plan on attending. Look forward to seeing you there.



AMVETS Ladies Department of Florida
1st Vice President, Sheila Haywood
5512 Palm Dr Ft. Pierce, Fl 34982
Phone: 772-216-2940/ EMAIL:

Hi Ladies
I am very honored to serve as your new 1st Vice President for this 2014-2015 year. I want to thank you all for your support.

Remember that the deadline date for EARLY BIRD renewals is October 31, 2014. They must be in our Executive Secretary’s hands no later than November 7, 2014.

My theme this year is (Let’s Jingle for Membership).
I’m asking all first vice to make up a short jingle and mail it to me ASAP with your phone number. I will choose 2 Jingles to be sung by members from the chosen auxiliary’s at each S.E.C. when I give my report. Please put your phone # on your jingle and I will call you so you can be prepared to sing your Jingle. We can have some fun with this. Example my jingle is to the tune of: (I kissed a Girl and liked it.)
I sign up a new member and liked it,
So much I sign up a Mother
I sign up her sister and liked it
So much I signed up her daughter
I sign up a granddaughter and liked it
So much I signed up some more, oh yea.

Mark your calendars, our October 31 – November 2, 2014 S.E.C. will be upon us before we know it. Can’t wait to see you all there.


Sherry Marecek, 2nd Vice President
102 Diogenes Street
Dunedin, FL 34698

Greetings Ladies:

I would like to thank all Auxiliary members for the vote of confidence in electing me as your 2nd Vice President (Child Welfare Chairman) at our June Convention. My theme this year is “Step up and reach out for our future”. As we all know, our future is our children!!!

I am, once again, honored to have as my National counterpart Evelyn McElvin. She was elected as National 2nd Vice President at the National Convention in August. Her theme will be “Jump aboard! Step up and make a difference in a child’s life”.

Our October SEC is quickly approaching. In order for your Child Welfare evaluations to appear in the SEC book, reports must be IN MY HANDS by October 1, 2014.

When completing your reports, please be sure to use the NEW service report, fill them out completely and include the Chairman’s name, address and phone number. REMEMBER, Child Welfare is only for children. If you have a question, (i.e. Child Welfare vs Community Service) please don’t hesitate to call me.

I haven’t received too many reports from Auxiliaries thus far, but I’m sure with the children going back to school, I will see a lot more. Also remember, April is John Tracy Clinic month, so start planning your event now so you can have the best success possible.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in October!


Meltonia Presley,Third Vice
1517 Riley Ave.
Orlando, Florida 32805
407- 223-5688

Greetings Ladies,
Congratulations to all newly elected Department and National Officers. I want to thank you all for your confidence by voting for me as your Department 3rd Vice President. Community Service is a large job, but I am ready for the challenge. My theme this year is “UNITED WE STAND FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE”. National 3rd Vice President Marvell Ruppels’ theme is “Pairing to Build Strong Communities”. I would like to thank all auxiliaries that have sent in reports thus far, keep them coming! Deadline for Service Reports to be in the SEC book is October 1st. My challenge this year is the auxiliary with the highest total evaluation for Ronald McDonald House (which is also a PDP Charlene Kee Award). Let’s continue working towards our Honors and Awards programs and helping in our communities. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in October.
Madam President Powers Congratulations once again and I wish you a successful meeting.


PDP Donnajeanne Hakler, Treasurer
5756 Calais Blvd. N. #3
St. Petersburg FL 33709
727-463-1757 (cell) 727-545-3534 (evenings & fax)

Hello Ladies:
Our Fall SEC will be here before we know it. I am looking forward to seeing you all again in October and for our school of instruction. Please plan on attending as it is important and your questions will be answered. School of Instructions is a good way to learn new things or review and confirm what you already know.

Thank all of you for your support in re-electing me as your Treasurer for the year 2014-2015. It really means a lot to me to have your support. I learned a lot last year and will continue to “watch” your money. At the October SEC a proposed budget will be presented for the membership to vote on. Please don’t wait until the voting to look at it. Once you receive your book upon registration please take some time to review it so that if you have any questions they can be asked and answered. It is your money and you need to be comfortable with the budget.

I am hoping that all of you require two signatures on your Auxiliary checks as no checks will be accepted at Department unless there are two signatures on them. I also hope that the local treasurers are giving monthly reports at each meeting, providing copies to the President, Secretary and your members.
See you all soon and enjoy the rest of your summer!


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Dept. of Florida
Barbara Branch, Hospital Officer
2051 High Ridge Dr.
Clearwater, FL 33763
Phone : 727 239-0268

Welcome to a new year with our hospital program. As you have noticed from my heading that the 2014-15 hospital officer has changed.

Starting immediately please send all of your hospital reports to me. I will be your hospital chair the rest of this year. In your Oct. package I will have more information for you. In the mean time ladies keep working on your
programs for hospital and fill out and send in you reports. My theme this year will be “How can I help You?”.

The deadline for the Oct. SEC reports is Oct.1, 2014, to be included in the book. Please have your reports to me by the deadline.

I am looking forward to working with all of you, and will see you in Oct.

If you have any concerns please feel free to call or e-mail me.


Margaret F. Sousa
4731 LaRosa Ave.
N. Port, FL 34286
Cell: 941-276-5766

Greetings Ladies;

First I would like to thank you for putting your trust in electing me as your Scholarship State officer for 2014-2015. I will do my best not to let you down in this position.

What is my theme this year? “Be a Starfish” reach out and make a difference. Did you know that you do not have to be a high school graduate to applied for these scholarships, but you as an adult can applied as well Be that “Starfish” and reach out and make a difference with education.

I am looking forward in working with Madam President Karen Powers and all the other great Officers, including all of you the Auxiliaries members.

Yours in Service;
(A mind is a terrible thing to waste, let’s focus on educating our youth and our adults, reach out to others and be their “Starfish”)


Jerri Devoll
217 Ladue Ave
Crestview, FL 32539

Thank you for your vote of confidence in electing me as your Chaplain for the 2014-2015 year, I am humbled to serve in this capacity.

Chaplains, please remember to fill out the proper form and send me (3) three copies. To be included in my report, names of your deceased members must be in my hands on or before October 15, 2014. Please list the next of kin so we may send a card to the family. Please do this in a timely manner so I may get the cards out to the family.

Start thinking of your favorite prayer, verse or poem that you would like to share, so that you can help me with the President’s “Prayer Book” then after you have thought about it, send it to me while you are still thinking about it!

District Presidents, I have a small task for you, please send me the Auxiliaries in your District.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the October S.E.C.


PDP Dolores (Dee) Baggett
13238 Rose Hollow Way
Astatula, FL 34705

I attended the National Convention in Memphis, TN, on August 9th – August 16th. Our Department Delegate Madam President Karen Powers and I will make sure you receive all the information in our reports at the October SEC. Also big congratulations to PDP Evelyn McElvin for her election to the office of National Second Vice President! Way to go!! I was elected to the Office of Americanism.

There were several changes to evaluations for your service reports made. 8 tracks, cassettes, VHS tapes, records and albums are evaluated at $5.00 each and steel toed shoes and boots are evaluated at $50.00.

I hope all locals are working on their service reports. The Midyear cutoff date is November 5th in the service officer’s hands!!! These reports cover the reporting period of May 1 – October 30. Please keep in mind to be eligible to apply for National awards; you must have reported midyear and annual.
Plus don’t forget membership – “Early Bird” Renewals are to be received in your local by October 31st and to Linda Hoon, Department Executive Secretary by November 7th. (OUR MEMBERSHIP YEAR IS JAN. 1ST TO Dec. 31st)

I would like to thank the Department of Florida for their support in electing me to the Office of National Americanism! But because I was elected as a National Officer, I must resign my position as NEC. It has been my pleasure to serve you in this position. PDP MaryLou Maslo will be your NEC, so please feel free to contact her or any of the service officers with your questions and again I say thank you!


PDP Mary Lou Maslo – Alt. NEC
750 – 42nd Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Greetings Ladies:

I can’t believe how this year is flying by. The October SEC is almost here! I hope you all have marked your calendars and plan to attend.

In case you haven’t heard, our NEC Woman, Dee Baggett, was elected as the National Americanism Officer for 2014-2015. So as Alternate NEC, Madam President Powers has asked me to step up as NEC for this coming year. I want you all to know that I will do my best. Dee Baggett has done a great job and will be hard to follow.

My information will remain the same and my email is working. My email address is

Looking forward to seeing everyone in October!


PNP/PDP Charlene D. Kee, Parliamentarian
13 Cherry Laurel Court #104
Winter Springs, FL 32708
(407) 388-7441

Congratulations new officers! As we begin a new year always remember to read our Code of Ethics and Aims and Purposes of the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary. And, by doing so, we will continue to work together as one to serve our community, state and nation.

Things to remember:
•Read your bylaws and standing rules on all levels
•When in need of help concerning a particular areas of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary contact that department officer for answers. Anything outside of an officer’s duty you may contact me as Parliamentarian or Madam President
•All Auxiliaries, Districts, SEC and Presidents Council must review their bylaws/guidelines every three (3) years in order to be revalidated. After they have been reviewed and read twice to your membership for a vote, submit three (3) copies, one (1) copy of the minutes from where the membership approved them to the Department Parliamentarian for approval. Be sure they are signed and dated by the local Parliamentarian and President.
•Please use the bylaws cover sheet to insure all documents are included when submitting bylaws. I will be passing copies out at our upcoming SEC Meeting. If you need a copy sooner please email me and I will send you a copy. Please do ask for a signature return.
•The following auxiliaries bylaws are due before the 2015 Department Convention:


#2298District IVNot Revalidated:    #59       #200      #447


Thank you, Madam President, for allowing me to serve one more year as your Executive Secretary. I know you will have a great year.

Ladies, don’t forget that dues have increased this year. Listed below are the amounts that now must be sent to Department with your remittance forms. Please double check your math before you write your check. If they are not correct, I will be sending them back or contacting you for correction. This causes a delay in receiving your cards and means extra work for both of us.

Life Member $ 300
Annual Member 22
Honorary Member 10
Replace Life Card 20
Replace Annual 15

It is renewal time once again. I should be receiving the renewal cards from National about Sept. 15th soon and will be sending out the pre-addressed portion for you to use to remind you members. New memberships have been coming in strong so keep up the good work. A million thanks to the AMVETS for allowing us to keep our membership year as is.

Remember when you send me an e-mail to include your name and Auxiliary number. That helps a lot when I have to look something up for you. See you all in October.


Doe Seals, Recording Secretary
4211-2nd Ave. No.
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Greetings, Ladies:
Please remember to go to the microphone when addressing the assembly, also for the recorder to pick up what you are saying. Please state your name and which auxiliary you belong to. Also, there will be motion sheets placed on each table. If you make a motion, please write it down, indicate who 2nd the motion and bring it to the head table so it can be reviewed by Madam President and the Parliamentarian.
Where has this year gone? Halloween already? Trick or Treat!!! It definitely will be a TREAT as we will be having a School of Instruction at the October SEC. Please be sure attend.
Thank you, Ladies. Looking forward to seeing many of you in October.


Joy Nekola, Dept. Quartermaster
16601 NW 85th Ter.
Fanning Springs Fl. 32693
Home Phone & Fax = 352-463-2775 Cell = 352-210-1738
E-Mail =

Hello Ladies,

First I would like to thank Madam President Karen Powers for the confidence to appoint me as your Quartermaster & Pat Orr as my assistant. I am looking forward to working with our new board and being there for your needs.
Lots of things happening, have ordered lots of hats & things for convention. If there is something you need contact me by phone or e-mail I will contact you and let you know availability & price & get it out to you as soon as possible.
If you’re interested I asking for some volunteers to help put & set up tables so if you’re interested please let me know. Hope to see you at October SEC


Jill Holstein, Department PRO
360 Okaloosa Ave
Valparaiso, Florida

Thank you Madam President Powers and Officers for your trust in me to bring this year’s activity to life threw the creation of Pictures.
What is a PRO? We are a group of people that among many things, tells (Public Relations) a story with pictures, Imagine not being able to speak, how can you use pictures to tell your story.
Over centuries people have gathered all around campfires, all the way from town squares to each local AMVETS Post, in meetings and just good old fashioned get together, telling of stories and the good old days. We have come into the 20th century with new and different technologies to the point that story telling has fallen to the wayside. In our everyday living, the art of story telling has been lost, now we tend to hold up a Iphone and pass it around. Photos have the ability to tell a story and ability to convey an emotion, mood, ideals and messages. We need to have our history of The AMVETS ladies Auxiliaries all over the state tell a story. I would like to challenge every Aux in the State of Florida to email me or if you come to the SEC, bring them with you that has an AMVETS Auxiliary to take 6 photos that tells the story of your local Auxiliary.

1) Take a picture of Post.
2) Take a picture of your Next Auxiliary Meeting.
3) Take 3 pictures that show the highlights of the Auxiliary so far this year.

Email these to me or print out and bring to SEC in Oct. Pictures tell a story that must never be forgotten, This year I would like to see all Auxiliaries local post make history in the scrap book that is taken to the nationals, it is not all about Dept, if we didn’t have all our locals Auxiliaries there would be no Dept… 6 photos are all that is needed. Please email or bring with you to October SEC. Show your pride and share your AMVETS Auxiliary with all of us. Feel free to email or call anytime you have a question or opinion or concern, I am always open for ideals.


Department of Fl. Junior AMVET Coordinator
Debra Pate
P.O. Box 555751
Orlando, Florida 32805
407- 716- 3753

Greetings Ladies:
Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!
All Auxiliaries interested in starting a JUNIOR Unit please meet me on Saturday following the Presidents’ Council Meeting. Also, save your pull tabs and bring them to the February SEC for JUNIORS to present them to Ronald McDonald House.


Madam President Powers I wish you a productive SEC and I want to Thank You for my appointment as JR. AMVET Coordinator.


PDP Dolores (Dee) Baggett
13238 Rose Hollow Way
Astatula, FL 34705
352-742-8215 email:

As the joint convention committee prepares for our next Convention, we have some fundraisers scheduled! The first one will be held at our October SEC. We are hosting the hospitality room!

WE ARE LOOKING FOR DONATIONS OF SUPPLIES FOR THE ROOM AND PEOPLE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN HELPING! Any and all donations of food, beverages, snacks, monetary donations and Instant bingo games (pull tabs) will be greatly appreciated! If you can help in any way please give me a call! If you need help delivering it to the SEC, please call me as someone in your area might be able to help.

We are hoping to lower the cost of banquet tickets again, if we can, and throw in a few surprises!! Let’s make Madam President Powers a convention to remember.

As always the auxiliary will have our three day tickets for the 50/50 available!! I thank everyone who signed out tickets at the June Convention. If you would like to presell tickets also, I can mail them to you. I will also have a sign out sheet available for each local auxiliary to take tickets back to their locals for the February SEC 50/50.


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary
Department of Florida
PDP Evelyn McElvin, Awards Chairman
Good Evening Ladies:

Don’t worry you have plenty of time, so get started and see what your auxiliary will apply for this year. Work hard and report, take plenty of pictures and get your information in the paper as well.

More information to follow at the SEC.

GET READY, SET, GO the run is on APPLY for Department awards this year !


109 20th STREET NICEVILLE, FL 32578
(850) 279-6713

Thank you Madam President for allowing me to continue to serve as your Ways and Means Chairman again this year.

We will be having a Silent Auction in the back of the room at our Fall SEC. If anyone has any items they would like to donate to our Auction please contact me. All donations are graciously accepted. Also if anyone is willing to assist me at the Ways and Means table I would appreciate it.

Please make sure you bring plenty of green with you to the SEC to bid on the auction items. You can bid on Auction items and do your Christmas shopping at the same time.

I look forward to seeing everyone at SEC .


Claudia Thompson, Sgt. at Arms
1409 Pembrook Dr.
Leesburg, Fl. 34748
(352)326-2440 (Home & Fax)
(352)321-6210 (Cell)

If you are willing to page in October S.E.C. Please see me when you arrive at the S.E.C. or you can call me at the above numbers. Thank you in advance for helping.


Catherine E. Carroll, Americanism Officer

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Department of Florida

131 Crossways Dr.

Greeting Ladies:

I thank everyone for allowing me the privilege of serving as your Americanism Officer again and look forward to working with everyone.

“AMERICANISM is the unfailing love of country: loyalty to it’s institutions and ideals; eagerness to defend it against all enemies; undivided allegiance to the flag; and a desire to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity.”

The Americanism Poster and Essay Contest is a GREAT way to instill that love in our YOUTH. Please participate and please start now. Packets are available at Programs/Americanism.

Americanism projects benefit Veterans, Service Men and Women, People Overseas or Promote Patriotism.

The projects that can be carried out are limitless! You will find information about our Americanism Programs on pages 45-47 and pages 102-111 of the Auxiliary manual.

I am looking forward to what I am sure will be another great year.

Lastly PLEASE REPORT, no job is done until the paper work is done and sent in.

Deadlines are OCTOBER 1st for inclusion in the October SEC Book.
Mid Year reporting cuts off Oct. 31 and MUST be in by November 5th.


Hospitality Suite Sponsor-Joint Convention Committee-Room
Thursday 30 October 5:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.
Friday 31 October 12:00p.m.-5:30 p.m.
8:30 p.m.-12:00 a.m.
Saturday 1 November 3:00 p.m.-12:00 p.m.

5:00 p.m-12:00 a.m.        HOSPITALITY SUITE (Sponsored by the Convention Committee)               Room

Friday, October 31, 2014                                                                                                                                          11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.       Quartermaster                                                                                  Grand Ballroom           12 Noon.-4:00 p.m.       Ways and Means Silent Auction                                                                                                              12 Noon-4:00 p.m.                Registration Open                                                                           First Floor Desk

12:00 Noon-5:30 p.m.     HOSPITALITY SUITE                                                                                        Room                          8:30 a.m.                                By-Laws Committee Meeting                                                                    Salon

10:30 a.m.                           Joint Elected Officers Meeting                                                                  Salon        (Dept. Commander, Auxiliary President, SOA Commander, AMVETS Executive Director, AMVETS JRAMVETS Coordinator, AMVETS /AUXILIARY/SOA Elected Officers)

1:00 p.m.                             Convention Advisory Committee Meeting                                         Salon        Honors and Awards Committee meeting (immediately following)

3:00 p.m.                             Elected Officers Board Meeting                                                                Salon                                                                                (PDP’s & Appointed Officers are welcome)                                                                               Service Officers meeting immediately following with PDP/NEC Maslo

 4:30 p.m.                            2014-15 Joint Convention Committee Meeting                                 Salon

 6:30 p.m.                            Joint Opening Session                                                                   Grand Ballroom


AUXILIARY Preliminary Business Meeting Opening Session- Grand Ballroom

                                                (Immediately following Joint Opening Meeting)

Call to Order                                       Department President Karen Powers                                                                       Invocation                                                Chaplain Jerri Devoll                                                                                   Presentation of Colors                      Sgt. at Arms Claudia Thompson                                                                                  Pledge of Allegiance                      Sgt. at Arms Claudia Thompson                                                                        Preamble                                              1st Vice President  Sheila Haywood                                                                              Aims & Purposes                               2nd Vice President Sherry Marecek                                                                                   Code of Ethics                                3rd Vice President Meltonia Presley                                                                   Definition of Americanism           Americanism Officer Cathy Carroll                                                                                  Welcome                                              Department President Karen Powers                                                                           Roll Call of Officers                                Recording Secretary Doe Seals                                                                              Approval of Agenda                            Department President Karen Powers                                                     Announcements                                                                                                                                                             Benediction                                        Chaplain Jerri Devoll                                                                                        Respect to Colors                                Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson

Recess until Saturday 8:30 a.m.


Saturday November 1, 2014

07:30 a.m.-09:30 a.m.                            Registration Open                                               First Floor Desk

07:30a.m.-4:00 p.m.                               Quartermaster Open                                              Grand Ballroom                      Ways & Means Silent Auction

                       (Note: Closed during Business session, open during recess)


08:30 a.m.           Official Business Session                                                                             Grand Ballroom

Call to Order                                                       Department President Karen Powers                                                                     Invocation                                                           Chaplain Jerri Devoll                                                                                                   Pledge of Allegiance                                       Sgt. at Arms Claudia Thompson                                                                                    Roll Call of Officers                                          Recording Secretary Doe Seals                                                                                          Minutes                                                               Recording Secretary Doe Seals                                                                       Communications                                              Recording Secretary Doe Seals                                                                                                     Executive Board Recommendations        Recording SecretaryDoeSeals                                                                             Finance Report                                                 Treasurer PDP Donnajeanne Hakler                                                                            Tentative Budget                                             Treasurer PDP Donnajeanne Hakler                                                                  Audit Committee Report                              Audit Committee Chair Barbara Branch                                                                        Introduction of 1st Timers                             Gavelier’s President   PDP Dee Baggett

Department Officers Reports                     President Karen Powers                                                                                                                                   1st Vice President Sheila Haywood                                                   2nd Vice President Sherry Marecek                                                          3rd Vice President Meltonia Presley                                              NEC PDP Mary Lou Maslo                                                              Alt. NEC PDP Gloria Jasinski                                                        Chaplain Jerri Devoll                                                                       Hospital Officer Barbara Branch                                      Americanism Officer Cathy Carroll                                      Scholarship Margaret Sousa                                                        Department Delegates Report President Karen Powers Parliamentarian Charlene Kee

(Other committee reports as time allows)

11:45 a.m.           Gavelier’s Meeting & Luncheon (President’s Suite)

1:00 p.m.             Americanism Department Chair (Joint w/AMVETS)                                         Salon                                    1:00 p.m.       AADAA (Joint w/AMVETS)                                                                           Salon            1:00 p.m.            School of Instruction-Chair PNP Charlene Kee                                        Grand Ballroom

(Please Bring your Manuals)

3:00 p.m.             S.E.C. Council Meeting                                                                                  Salon 

(Immediately following School of Instruction)

 3:00 p.m.          President’s Council Meeting                                                                   Grand Ballroom (Immediately following School of Instruction)                                               

4:00 p.m.            JR AMVETS Coordinator Meeting                                                         Grand Ballroom (immediately following President’s Council meeting                                                   -for those interested in learning about JR AMVETS)

4:30 p.m.           P.R.O. Meeting with Dept PRO Jill Holstein                                                      Salon                               (immediately following the S.E.C. Council-                                                  for all Local PRO’s and those interested in having a PRO in their local)

5:00 p.m.           Ways and Means Silent Auction will be held       Grand Ballroom                 Winners will be announced


Hospitality Suite: Sponsor Joint Convention Committee

Saturday November 1, 2014                                        3:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.

Sunday November 2, 2014

08:15 a.m.                                           All raffle Drawing                                                            Grand Ballroom

08:30 a.m.           General Business Session                                            Grand Ballroom                                        Call to Order                                       President Karen Powers                         Invocation                                 Chaplain Jerri Devoll                                           Pledge of Allegiance                  Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson                         Roll Call of Officers                  Recording Secretary Doe Seals

Continuation of reports

Credentials Report                          Sandy Polite                                            Gavelier’s Report                                PDP Dee Baggett                                          Executive Secretary                            Linda Hoon                                                    Recording Secretary                             Doe Seals                                                                 Convention Chair                  PDP Dee Baggett                                               Honors & Awards                           PDP Evelyn McElvin                                    JRAMVETS Coordinator                        Debra Pate                                                   Grievance Chair                      PDP Lucille Henson                                        Appeals Chair                                  PDP Gloria Jasinski                                          P.R.O.                                                             Jill Holstein                                              Presidents Council report             Beverly Munoz                                                S.E.C. Council Report                                  Jerri Devoll                                                         Fisher House Representative                 Darlene Linnell                                                  Bushnell Cemetery Rep                        Claudia Thompson                                               VAVS Representatives                                                                                               Sgt At Arms                                        Claudia Thompson                             Quartermaster                                                Joy Nekola                                                            Ways & Means                                                Dee Norman

Unfinished Business                                                                                                                                                  New Business                                                                                                                                                                         Benediction                                                                                                                                                                    Retirement of Colors                                                                                                                                                          Adjournment

Note: Agenda subject to change at President’s discretion









October 30 – November 2, 2014


Pre-Registration:  $10.00                                                                                Deadline:  10-15-14





Mail to:  Sandy Polite, Credentials Chairman

2816-5 Sterling Chase Ln            Orlando, FL  32818

Telephone #:  407-222-2109                                                  e-mail:


Auxiliary #:  _______________  Location: _________________________________________________


Person Reporting:  ______________________________________Phone #:_______________________


E-mail:  ______________________________________________ Amount Enclosed:________________



Direction:  (1) Please print     (2) Only list officers and members attending the SEC    (3)Only the President and SEC vote at SEC meetings.  All other members attending are listed under members.

(4) Check the box if this is the member’s first state meeting


Only Elected/Appointed Department Officers and PDP’s paid for by Department


___________________________________              ___________________________________


___________________________________              ___________________________________


___________________________________              ___________________________________



President:        _________________________________     SEC: _______________________________


Alt. SEC:         _________________________________




_________________________________________             _____________________________________


_________________________________________             _____________________________________


_________________________________________             _____________________________________


_________________________________________             _____________________________________



Honorary Member/Guest – (NO VOTE):


_______________________________________                _________________________________