Saturday, June 7, 2014 – Official Convention Opening Session


Convention Chairman PDP/NEC Dee Baggett called the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary 69th Annual Convention to order

with introduction of PNP Charlene Kee, followed by the following PDP’s: Lucille Henson, Dorothy Johns, Gloria Jasinski, Evelyn McElvin, Estrella Young, Mary Lou Maslo, Dee Baggett, Donnajeanne Hakler, Trudy Wood.  PDP Baggett wished everyone a very enjoyable week-end.  Dept. President Karen Powers was then escorted to the podium.


President Powers asked for posting of Dept. and Local Colors, followed by invocation by Chaplain Carole Ahmad.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sgt. At Arms Peg Morgan.  Preamble was read by 1st V.P. Pro Tem Ernestine Ingram, Aims & Purposes read by 2nd V.P. Sheila Haywood, Code of Ethics by 3rd V.P. Sherry Marecek and Definition of Americanism read by Americanism Officer Cathy Carroll.  She also asked for special prayers for 1st V.P. Barbara Branch who was taken ill while on vacation.


President Powers welcomed everyone and reminded us that her them this year has been “United We Stand”.  She stated that she was very happy to see so many people in attendance this week-end.


Roll call was given by Doe Seals, Recording Secretary.


Pres. Powers asked for approval of agenda.  PDP Evelyn McElvin moved to accept the agenda.  2nd by 3rd V.P. Sherry Marecek.  Motion carried.


Pres. Karen Powers & PDP Dee Baggett presented a new charter to members of Aux. #9987.


Parliamentarian/PNP Charlene Kee asked that we turn to pg. 13 as she read the Convention Rules.  She then moved to adopted the Convention Rules.  2nd by PDP Donnajeanne Hakler.  Motion carried.


Pres. Powers appointed PDP Estrella Young as official timekeeper of the nominating speeches.


Motions of the February SEC were read by Recording Secretary Doe Seals.  She then moved to accept the minutes as printed, distributed and read.  2nd by PDP Dee Baggett.  Motion carried.  Correspondence was read regarding several positions being sought on the National level, as well as a letter from PDP Evelyn McElvin

seeking National 2nd V.P. and PDP Dee Baggett seeking National Americanism Officer and a thank you from National President Linda McGriff.


E-Board Recommendations:  1.  A new microphone stand has been purchased.  Recommendation was made that the Sgt. At Arms dispose of the old one.  Doe Seals then moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by PDP Gloria Jasinski.  Motion carried.  2.  It has been recommended that the auxiliary purchase a new AMVETS Auxiliary banner – the current banner has the AMVETS logo on it.  A new banner can be purchased for approximately $150.00.  It will not be embroidered, it will be silk screened.  Doe Seals then moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by PDP Trudy Wood.  Motion carried.  3.  There current is $1,950.00 in the Dept. Scholarship account.  There were scholarships awarded.  It is recommended to add an additional $50.00, so that each winner can receive a $500.00 scholarship.  Doe Seals then moved for approval of this recommendation.  2nd by Carole Ahmad.  Motion carried.


Finance Report – PDP Donnajeanne Hakler, Treasurer  Her report is on pgs. 27 – 34.  A total of $58,261.00 was sent to National Headquarters for all the charities we support.    The Finance Committee met on Thursday.  They have 2 recommendations.  1.  Recommend that we use Dept. Officers unused budgets to purchase a laptop computer – cost to be up to $600.00 to include all necessary already-installed programs to maintain business with the old laptop to go to the Gaveliers for use in training.  PDP Hakler then moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by 3rd V.P. Sherry Marecek.  Motion carried.  2.  Recommend that QuikBooks be updated and purchase a 2nd license, if needed, for the Exec. Secretary at a cost up to $250.00.  PDP Hakler then moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by PDRO Jerri Devoll.  Motion carried.


Audit Report  2nd V.P. Sheila Haywood stated that the Audit Committee met Thursday night.  It consisted of Sherry Marecek, Meltonia Presley and herself.  All was found to be in order.


Presentation of 1st Timers:  There were 32 attendees that included:  Aux. #2, Jean McLane – Aux. #4, Vickie Campbell – Aux. #14, Donna Weible – Aux. #15, Holly Aronson – Aux. #16, Teri Lobel, Sandra Maxson, Maria Skinner – Aux. #19, Kalaleer MacLaren, Cathy Thacker, Deborah Goldman – Aux. #33, Brenda Breaker, Cathrine Sincerbox, Mona Skidgell – Aux. #35, Anna Skelton – Aux. #78, Holly Manson, Carletta Rose, Amber Saul – Aux. #86, Heidi Shults, Teresa Warwer – Aux. #88, Kamera O’Brien, Natalie Cartegena – Aux. #113, Eleanor Zebley – Aux. #312, Landa Carson – Aux. #422, Teresa Ingram, Wendy Luzader – Aux. #1992, Debra Ticket – Aux. #2006, Donna Kran, Diana McCurdy – Aux. #7467, Jean Ordner, Kim Robinson – Aux. #9987, Lenora Corley, Esther Panke.


The Gaveliers presented all local presidents and SEC’s who had perfect attendance during the last fiscal year with their trophies.


Officers Reports


Dept. President Karen Powers  Her report is on pgs. 15-16.  She stated that 3 new auxiliaries were formed this year and the members of Aux. #33 were present this week-end.  Pres. Powers also stated that at the October 2013 SEC she indicated that her project would be the Lake Worth Carillon started by Don Rhindress.  She spoke glowingly about Margo Rhindress who was the Dept. Auxiliary’s Greeter for many years.  She had also mentioned there would be an award for the auxiliary who donated the most money for that project per member.  She happily announced that it went to her own Aux. #78.  She presented a check for $50.00 to Past Local President Rita Lowe toward their Americanism project.  She thanked Aux. #78 and #35 and the Dept. Officers for her reception on Friday night – she also thanked all the members for their hard work and to everyone for their support during the past year.


Guest: Ed Williams, President of the AMVETS Service Foundation, was escorted to the podium.  He stated they had met on Friday and approved (3) $1,000. scholarships.  Recipients are: Jacob Waddell, Michael Lawson and

.  They also approved a grant of $1,000. to Dept. Auxiliary training, plus $1,000 to the  Dept. Auxiliary Scholarship fund.


1st V.P. Ernestine Ingram, Pro Tem  Barbara Branch’s report is on pgs. 17-20. Please attend the Honors and Awards program this afternoon to learn the recipients of the various membership awards.


2nd V.P. Sheila Haywood  Her report is on pgs. 21-23. She thanked everyone for supporting the Child Welfare projects.  Working with children can be so rewarding.  How awesome to see all the donations made to the John Tracy, Make a Wish projects and all the support to assist children at your local in so many ways.


3rd V.P. Sherry Marecek  Her report is on pgs. 24-26. Her personal challenge in October was to award a special prize to the auxiliary who donated the most money to an existing Fisher House BEFORE April 1st.  She presented a $50. award to DiAnna and Darlene Linnell from Aux. #444 who donated $2,325.  She thanked everyone for turning in so-ooo many reports and for “Jumping Aboard the Community Love Train”.


PDP/NEC Dee Baggett  Her report is on pgs. 48-52. She reminded everyone that PDP Evelyn McElvin is seeking the office of 2nd V.P. At the National Convention in august and that she would be seeking the office of National Americanism Officer.  Please remember to apply for National awards and submit them on a timely basis.  Article 1, Section 3 shows the delegate strength by auxiliary as the totals are reflected in our Convention book.


Alt. NEC – PDP Mary Lou Maslo  She stated that PDP Baggett had covered everything.


Chaplain – Carole Ahmad  Her report is on pgs. 44-46. She asked that we say special prayers for 1st V.P. Barbara Branch’s speedy recovery.


Hospital Officer – Debra Reed  Her report is on pgs. 38-40. Her chairman’s award went to Aux. #1992 for the most money donated to St. Jude’s Hospital — $12,500.00.


Americanism Officer – Cathy Carroll  Her report is on pgs. 35-37. She thanked everyone for all their service reports and for “Stepping Up” to assist all our deserving veterans.


Scholarship Officer – Meltonia Presley  Her report is pgs. 41-43. She thanked the following auxiliaries for their work in supporting scholarships.  They were Aux. #1, 2, 8, 9, 14, 17, 23, 30, 35, 44, 81, 82, 113, 1992, 2000 and 2006.  There were 6 applicants for scholarship – 2 were disqualified and 4 were awarded.  Each received a $500. scholarship – Michelle Keller, Aux. #8 – Dajau Fussell, Aux. #9 – Allegra Ruggiero, Aux. #14 – Jacob Waddell, Aux. #15.  Congratulations too all the winners.


Parliamentarian/PNP Charlene Kee  Her report is on pg. 53.  She advised locals that their bylaws would not go into effect until 3 copies of the bylaws plus 1 copy of the minutes of the meeting when they were approved are sent to the Parliamentarian.  They are reviewed, signed and sent to the Dept. President for her approval and an approved copy returned to the local auxiliary.  Also to the locals, please attend all functions on the agenda if you are compensated by your local auxiliary.  Parliamentarian/PNP Kee then read the Dept. Bylaw changes as reflect on pgs. 54-55.  She then moved for approval of these changes.  2nd by Meltonia Presley.  Motion carried.  She recognized members of the Bylaws Committee: Barbara Branch, Sheila Haywood, Donnajeanne Hakler, Dee Baggett, Gloria Jasinski and thanked Pres. Powers for her appointment as Parliamentarian.


Credentials Chairman – Sandy Polite  She gave the 1st credentials report.  There were 197 votes total with a majority vote of 100 and a 2/3’s vote of 131.


Parliamentarian/PN Charlene Kee read the Election Rules as reflected on pg. 105.  She then moved to accept these election rules.  2nd by Sherry Marecek.  Motion carried.  PNP Kee then stated that according to our bylaws – Article 17D “Nominees must be present on the convention floor during balloting to be eligible for election to office.  A person not on the convention floor will not be nominated for office”.


1st nominations:               President – Karen Powers                                              Nominated by PNP Charlene Kee

1st V.P. – Sheila Haywood                                               Nominated by PDP Mary Lou Maslo

2nd V.P. – Sherry Marecek                                               Nominated by PDP Evelyn McElvin

3rd V.P. – Meltonia Presley                                              Nominated by PDP Evelyn McElvin

Treasurer – Donnajeanne Hakler                                 Nominated by PDP Mary Lou Maslo

Chaplain – Jerri Devoll                                                     Nominated by Linda Hoon

Eddie May                                                     Nominated by Carole Ahmad

Sgt. At Arms – Claudia Thompson                              Nominated by Judy Cassady

Peg Morgan                                            Nominated by PDP Gloria Jasinski

Debbie Beck                                            Nominated by Carole Ahmad

Americanism – Cathy Carroll                                        Nominated by Angie Dees

Hospital – Carole Ahmad                                               Nominated by PDP Mary Lou Maslo

Scholarship – remains open


1st V.P. Pro Tem Ernestine Ingram asked the Sgt. At Arms to escort President Powers as she leaves the room.  She then asked Convention Chairman PDP Baggett to come forward.  PDP Baggett stated that her Convention Chairman’s report is on pg. 14.  She said the hospitality room was very successful in October.  She also stated that the various joint functions were great and they were able to pass on savings to the members for the banquet at a cost of only $20.00.  Pg. 98 reflects members of the Convention Committee.  Special thanks to PDP Gloria Jasinski, Linda Miller, #86, Landa Corson  #312, Beverly Munoz, #12, Diane Rooks, #1992.  Thanks also to all who donated door prizes.  Linda Miller, Aux. #86 won both Friday & Saturday 50/50’s.   PDP Baggett also announced that she had an award for the auxiliary with the most participants in the Patron’s Page – the winner is Aux. #35.


President Powers was escorted back to the podium.  She asked Awards Chairman PDP Evelyn McElvin for her report.  PDP McElvin apologized for her report not being in the convention  book.  It was distributed when the books were given out at the Credentials desk.  She thanked everyone who went to her house to help with the awards program – Barbara Branch, Sherry Marecek, Cathy Carroll and Meltonia Presley.


Grievance Chairman PDP Lucille Henson was excused as she had to attend a funeral.


Appeals Chairman PDP Gloria Jasinski  had nothing to report.


Guests:  Jr. AMVETS outgoing President Jayden Johnson introduced the incoming President Dalton Hancock and the officers for the forthcoming year.  She thanked Pres. Powers and all members of the Ladies auxiliary for their support of the Jr. AMVETS throughout the year.


Dept. Officers Training;  PNP Charlene Kee stated that training would be held July 11-12-13 at the Hampton Inn in Ocala and asked all newly-elected officers to remain after closing on Sunday.


Bushnell Cemetery Representative – Claudia Thompson  Attending the various functions at Bushnell Cemetery has been a very moving experience.  She thanked everyone for a wonderful 1st year.


Fisher House Representative – Darlene Linnell  Her report is on pg. 63.  Thank you to everyone who have been so generous to the Fisher Houses in the State.


VAVS – James Haley Hospital – Becky Coupe  (excused)  Her report is on pg. 64.


VAVS – Bay Pines Hospital – Janet Northcutt  Her report is on pg. 65.


Presidents’ Council – Margaret Sousa  Outgoing Chairman Margaret Sousa introduced incoming Chairman Beverly Munoz of Aux. #12.  There were 33 attendees, 3 as guests.  They discussed fundraisers, local reimbursements to attendees for SEC’s and convention, also discussed local bylaws and support of incoming local officers.  Let them know what their jobs entail and suggested making a binder for each officer.


Sgt. At Arms – Peg Morgan  Her report is on pg. 47.  She thanked all pages for their help on Saturday.


PDP Mary Lou Maslo asked everyone to go to the tables out front to purchase T-shirts to support PDP Evelyn McElvin as she seeks election for National 2nd V.P.


President Powers announced that the Gaveliers lunch would be served in her suite.  She asked that this meeting be adjourned with a reminder to return at 1 p.m. For the awards program.  Benediction was given by Chaplain Carole Ahmad and respect to the Colors led by Sgt. At Arms Peg. Morgan.


Sunday – June 8, 2014


President Karen Powers reconvened the meeting.  Sgt. At Arms Peg Morgan opened the Bible & lit the candles, followed by Invocation by Chaplain Carole Ahmad.  Roll call by Doe Seals, Recording Secretary.


(Continuation of Reports)


Awards Chairman PDP Evelyn McElvin completed the presentation of awards not distributed on Saturday.


Treasurer Donnajeanne Hakler stated there was a correction on pg. 34 re: HONOR FLIGHT – the $150.00 donation should reflect SEC – Aux. #23 (not SEC-Floor).  She also stated that the Dept. President’s Project – the Lake Worth Carillon shows a total of $1,768.91 in donations.  She moved to increase it to $1,800.00.  2nd by Chaplain Carole Ahmad.  Motion carried.


Executive Secretary – Linda Hoon  Her report is on pg. 56.  She has been working on the web-site – please check it out and give us some feed-back.


Recording Secretary – Doe Seals  Her report is on pg. 57.


Gaveliers Report  PDP Mary Lou Maslo stated they met on Saturday with 8 PDP’s in attendance.  It was decided that the Dyann Edwards award for the member signing up new members by May 15th would be discontinued.  The incoming president of the Gaveliers will be PDP Dee Baggett.  They had no recommendations.


Quartermaster – Joanne Kelderman  Her report is on pg. 58.  She turned in $4,335. in sales.


Ways & Means – Dee Norman  Her report is on pg. 61.  She thanked everyone for supporting her raffles this past year and turned in $412.00.


Jr. AMVETS Coordinator – Debra Pate  Her report is on pg. 60.  The Jr.’s. met on Saturday a.m. with 12 members in attendance.  They held their awards program with Unit #26 receiving the majority of the awards.  Thanks to all who supported their 50/50 this week-end – they raised $597.00.


Convention Chair/PDP Dee Baggett  gave her final revenue report.  The auxiliary’s portion of profits was $444.00.


Grievance Committee Chairman – PDP Lucille Henson  no report.  Thank you for a grievance-free year.


PRO – Jerri Devoll  Her report is on pg. 59.  Thanks for letting her “be bossy” this year.  Hope you can all see Madam President’s scrapbook before it goes to National.  There still are over 300 pictures to review from this weekend.


SEC Council – Jerri Devoll  Her report is on pg. 62.  She asked all SEC’s to stand for recognition and for following President Powers lead in “United We Stand”.  There were 36 attendees, which included 3 Alt. SEC’s, 1 guest and 6 – 1st Timers.  She was re-elected as SEC Chairman, with Pat Zaykowski as Vice Chairman.


District Reports  Districts 2 and 6 had reports in the book.  District 3 Pres. Damaris “Dee” Gonzalez stated she was proud that the local auxiliaries in District 3 received many awards and that membership was growing.  District 4 Pres. Beverly Munoz apologized for not having a report in the book.  She is new as president and wasn’t aware there should be a report.


Local Presidents’ Reports  The following auxiliaries had reports in the book: 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 23, 32, 35, 44, 50, 78, 81, 86, 100, 231, 301, 422, 1992, 2000, 2006.  Aux. #30’s report was distributed with the book at the Credentials desk.


Aux. #2 – Pat Bice stated that their Post is moving into a new location, with open house scheduled for June 21st.  Aux. #7 – Sherry Yelvington apologized – she was busy planning her wedding.  Aux. #12 – Beverly Munoz – no report.  Aux. #15 – Sheila Haywood introduced incoming president Holly Aronson.  Aux. #26 – Susan Barker stated they are growing & growing and are looking forward to a great year.  Aux. #30 – PDP Evelyn McElvin introduced incoming president Debra Pate.  Aux. #35 – incoming president Anna Skelton was introduced.  Aux. #78 – Rita Lowe introduced incoming president Jill Holstein.  Aux. #81 – Debbie Beck introduced incoming president Tonia Blauvelt.  Aux. #86 – Debbie Ellington introduced incoming president Ursula Wida.  Aux. #88 – Sharon Sheldon, incoming president, stated she was very nervous – but was very proud of the money they raised for Fisher House in conjunction with AMVETS & Sons – $10,000.00.  Aux. #292 – no report.  Aux. #301 – incoming president is Audrey Moore.  Aux. #312 – Margaret Sousa stated no report.  Aux. #422 – introduction of incoming president Wendy Luzader.  Aux. #444 – incoming president is DiAnna Linnell.  Aux. #1292 – incoming president is Frances Rose.  Aux. #2298 – Marie Bradford is pleased to report they won area award for Relay for Life for 4 years.  Aux. #7467 – SEC Tammy Allen introduced incoming president Betty Swan.


Sgt. At Arms – Peg Morgan  Her report is on pg. 47.  She thanked all the pages who assisted her this week-end and turned in $87.00 that was collected on the floor.


Unfinished Business  PNP Charlene Kee stated that in the event that the Dept. President cannot attend the National Convention as the designated delegate, that we would be adding an alternate delegate.  She then nominated PDP Gloria Jasinski as Alt. Dept. Delegate.  2nd by PDP Evelyn McElvin.  It was a unanimous vote.


New Business  Parliamentarian/PNP Charlene Kee moved that national registration of $40.00 be paid for any delegate attending the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary National Convention provided that they are on the floor to vote.  If not, the registration is to be returned to the Dept.  The registration form must be to the Dept. Treasurer in hand no later than June 21, 2014.  2nd by Debra Pate.  Motion carried.


Final Credentials report – Credentials Chairman Sandy Polite.  There were 157 total votes with 79 as majority vote and 105 as 2/3’s vote. She turned in $2,860.00.   Pres. Powers stated that PNP Charlene Kee, Exec. Secretary Linda Hoon and Recording Secretary Doe Seals would remain on the podium as the official vote counters and the other officers could join their respective auxiliaries.


The following auxiliaries, having only 1 vote each, will vote as a block:  Aux. #1, 2, 18, 19, 50, 113, 231, 292, 447, 893, 911 and 1292.  Aux. #1292’s number was pulled as start of voting.


Final Nominations:

President – no new nominations

1st Vice Pres. – no new nominations

2nd Vice Pres. – no new nominations

3rd Vice Pres. – no new nominations

Treasurer – no new nominations

Chaplain – no new nominations

Sgt. At Arms – Claudia Thompson & Peg Morgan were nominated on Saturday.

Debbie Beck was nominated on Sunday.  After 3 rounds of voting, Claudia Thompson

was declared the winner.

Americanism – no new nominations

Hospital – Carol Ahmad was nominated on Saturday.  Margaret Sousa was nominated

on Saturday by Debra Reed, but Margaret declined.  She then nominated Debra Reed.

After voting, Carole Ahmad was declared the winner.

Scholarship – There were no nomination on Saturday.  On Sunday, Jane Burke was

nominated by Barbara Foster.  Margaret Sousa was nominated by B. Colucci and

Debra Reed was nominated by Paula Larrisey.  After voting, Margaret Sousa was

declared the winner.





Election:  The AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Dept. of Florida election took place on Sunday, June 8, 2014 and the following are the newly-elected Dept. Officer for 2014 – 2015.

President – Karen Powers

1st V.P. – Sheila Haywood

2nd V.P. – Sherry Marecek

3rd V.P. – Meltonia Presley

Treasurer – Donnajeanne Hakler

Chaplain – Jerri Devoll

Hospital Chairman – Carol Ahmad

Americanism Chairman – Cathy Carroll

Sergeant-at-Arms – Claudia Thompson

Scholarship Chairman – Margaret Sousa


Installation of Dept. Officers for 2014 – 2015 was conducted by PNP Charlene Kee.


Benediction was given by Chaplain Carole Ahmad.  Dept. & Local Colors were retired, led by Sgt. At Arms Peg Morgan.


Adjournment:  After adjournment, President Karen Powers announced the newly-appointed officers (with approval of the E-Board).  They are as follows:


Parliamentarian – PNP Charlene Kee

Grievance Committee Chairman – PDP Lucille Henson

Appeals Board Chairman – PDP Gloria Jasinski

Executive Secretary – Linda Hoon

Recording Secretary – Doe Seals

Convention Chairman – PDP Dee Baggett

Awards Chairman – Barbara Branch

Ways & Means Chairman – Dee Norman

Credentials Chairman – Sandy Polite

Quartermaster – Joy Nekola

PRO – Jill Holstein

Jr. AMVETS Coordinator – Debra Pate

SEC Council Chairman – Jerri Devoll

Presidents’ Council Chairman – Beverly Munoz

Bushnell Cemetery Rep. – Claudia Thompson

Fisher House Representative – Darlene Linnell


Awards were presented on Saturday afternoon, June 7th at the Awards Presentation program.  Winners are as follows:

PDP Dyann Edward Membership Award – Rita Latour – Aux. #550

PDP Fran Marchiano Membership Award – Aux. #59

PDP Trudy Wood Largest Numerical Increase in Membership – Aux. #550

PNP Ruth K. Nickerson Memorial Membership Award (chairman) – Debra Luster, Aux. #1992

3 Largest Auxiliaries – Membership Award – Aux. #1992 – Aux. #550 – Aux. #312

PDP Doris Miller Child Welfare Service Award – Judy Vaughn – Aux. #15

Child Welfare Service Chairman Award – Carolyn McKenzie – Aux. #8

PDP Lucille T. Henson Award (John Tracy) – Laurie Placanico – Aux. #14

PDP Carolyn Spencer John  Tracy Clinic Award – Aux. #1992

PDP Gloria Jasinski Award (PAWS With a Cause) Aux. #9

PNP Charlene D. Kee Award (Ronald McDonald) – Aux. #8

Community Service Chairman Award – Susan Barker – Aux. #26

PDP Bertha M. Alexander C9ommunity Service Award – Melody Rosenberg – Aux. #8

PDP Mary Lou Maslo Fisher House Award – Aux. #444

PDP Donnajeanne Hakler Americanism Award – Aux. #8

PDP Dorothy (Weaver) Johns Americanism Chairman Award – Gail Burger – Aux. #8

PDP Delia J. Ray Hospital Award – Aux. #1992

PDP Linda Best Gfell Award – St. Jude’s Children Hospital – Aux. #1992

PDP Nora McPherson Scholarship Award – Aux. #35

PNP Anne E. Hall Scrapbook Award – Aux. #44

PDP Ruthia R. Hester Award – Jill Holstein (Aux. #78) & Sheila Haywood (Aux. #15)

PDP Evelyn R. McElvin “Green Hat” Award – Judy Vaughn – Aux. #15

PDP Virginia “Ginny”Martin Good Samaritan Award – Aux. #44

PDP Joanne Henson Service Award – Aux. #14

PDP Estrella Young Honorary Member of the Year Award – Moira Dean – Aux. #8

PDP Dolores “Dee” Baggett Largest Number of Volunteers Award – Aux. #1992

PDP Louise O’Donnell Memorial “Woman of the Year” Award – PDP Dee Baggett

Auxiliary of the Year Service Award – Aux. #1992


Respectfully Submitted,


Doe Seals, Recording Secretary                                                   Karen Powers, Dept. President


                                                                                 Department Officers                                                             Room Number
PresidentKaren PowersN1456P
2nd Vice PresidentSheila Haywood303P
3rd Vice PresidentSharon MarecekR344P
TreasurerDonnajeanne HaklerO443P
Americanism OfficerCatherine CarrollL736P
Hospital OfficerDebra ReedL1427P
Scholarship Officer Meltonia Presley2215P
ChaplainCarole AhmadC1736P
Sgt At ArmsMargaret “Peg” MorganA203P
N.E.C.PDP Dolores  “Dee” BaggettL2256P
Alt. N.E.C.PDP Mary Lou MasloL443P
ParliamentarianPNP Charlene Kee1460P
 Committee And Council Chairmen
Executive SecretaryLinda HoonO908P
SecretaryDoe SealsN402P
QuartermasterJoanne Kelderman440P
P.R.O.Jerri DevollF909P
Jr. Amvets CoordinatorDebra PateREP
Convention ChairmanPDP Dolores “Dee” BaggettI2256P
Awards ChairmanPDP Evelyn McElvinD338P
Credentials ChairmanSandy PoliteAPP
Grievance Committee ChairPDP Lucille HensonY405P
Appeals Board ChairmanPDP  Gloria Jasinski203P
Ways & Means ChairmanDee Norman1403P
President Council Chairman *Margaret Sousa1703P
S.E.C. Council Chairman *Jerri Devoll909P
Bushnell Cemetery Rep Claudia ThompsonPP
Fisher House Representative Darlene Linnell1818P
VAVS RepresentativeRebecca CoupeEE
VAVS   RepresentativeJanet NorthcuttPP
VAVS RepresentativeDebra Mengel
VAVS   RepresentativePhyllis Hood
 Deputy VAVS
Deputy VAVS *Carole Ahmad1736P
Deputy VAVS *Tamara Waring2211P
Deputy VAVS *Dee Alexander204P
Deputy VAVS *Frances Rose  736 P
Deputy VAVS *Vellia Carmichael
Deputy VAVS *Carrie Presley338P
 Past National President
Charlene D. Kee(Aux. #30)  2008-20091460P
June 2014 Convention
Past Department PresidentsRoom  Number
Delia Ray(Aux. #30) 1976-1978InactiveinactiveInactive
Ruby Coker Daniel(Mal) 1978-1979InactiveInactiveInactive
Trudy Wood(Aux. #9) 1978-1979 (Me)702P
Ruth Citty(Aux. #50) 1980-1981Inactive InactiveInactive
Lucille Henson(Aux. #30) 1984-1986405P
Dorothy (Weaver) Johns(Aux. #1) 1988-1989 (In 78-80)440P
Gloria Jasinski(Aux. #9) 1989-1991203P
Charlene Kee(Aux. #30) 1993-19951460P
Evelyn McElvin(Aux. #30) 1995-1996338P
Dyann Edwards(Aux. #18) 2001-2002
Bobbie Mcroberts(Aux. #1992) 2004-2006InactiveInactiveInactive
Estrella Young(Aux. #17) 2006-20081826P
Mary Lou Maslo(Aux. #8) 2008-2009443P
Dolores Baggett(Aux. #1992) 2009-20112256P
Donnajeanne Hakler(Aux # 8) 2011-2013443P
District Presidents
District IIMeltonia Presley2215P
District IIIDamaris Gonzalez928P
District IVBeverly Munoz1007P
District VITonia Blauvelt  464 P
Aux #Local PresidentsRoom Number
0001 St. PetersburgDebra White
0002  EdgewaterPat Bice325P
0004  TampaLois EisemmanPP
0007  ChipleySherri Yelvington1111P
0008  St. PetersburgMary Lou Maslo443P
0009  OdessaMary Holmes2041P
0012  PensacolaBeverly Munoz1007P
0013  DelandPaula Heinrich
0014  Hobe SoundLinda Maston361P
0015  Fort PierceHolly Aronson527P
0016  HudsonLinda Petersilge558P
0017  SanfordEartha Melton624P
0018  EatonvilleDyan Edwards
0019  Orange LakePatricia Macallister
0021  SebringBonnie BerdelleEE
0023  NaplesMarcene MacneillPP
0026  ValricoSusan Barker1719P
0029  DestinStephanie Dugan
0030  OrlandoDebra PateEP
0032  LakelandBarbara Foster511P
0033  St CloudBrenda BreakerP
0034  Palm BayHelen Fenocchi
0035  CrestviewAnna Skelton  940P
0042  ChieflandClara Hess P
0044  BrandonLee Hutchinson 709P
0045  St. AugustineLeslie Hodge 
0047  Panama City BeachDebby Garwood
0050  N. Fort MyersRamona Mourhess 

June 2014 Convention
0059  Palm CoastNot Revalidated-By-Laws 
0060  ArcadiaDorothy Wise 904P
0067  ClearwaterJill Norwick
0078  ValparaisoJillanna Holstein  232P
0081  N. Fort MyersTonia Blauvelt464P
0086  Keystone HeightsUrsula Wida725P
0088  BronsonSharon Sheldon1305P
0092  Jensen BeachEdith Seely210P
0098  HolidayPatti Perkins
0100  Daytona BeachPharistine Hampton213P
0113  BunnellRobyn Lento  
0178  Defuniak SpringsElsie Benslay   
0200  OkeechobeeNot Revalidated–By-laws & Reval
0231  FountainDebbie Mayo
0292  Pensacolamari MillsPP
0301  EllentonAudrey Moore430P
0312  North PortMargaret Sousa1703P
0422  Fanning SpringsWendy Luzader655P
0444  WillistonDi Anna Linnell1818P
0447  InglisNot Revalidated—No Reval
0550  ZephyrhillsKaren Debolt353P
0893  RockledgeAmy Paulin1729P
0911  Port OrangeRosemarie SutterEE
1208  Salt SpringsLinda Fuller
1219  TampaErika Martin
1292  MiltonFrances Rose736P
1939  Deerfield BeachNot revalidated—no Reval
1992  Mount DoraAngela Deese364P
1999  Port CharlotteJoan Jacobson
2000  Warm Mineral SpringsJoanne Scales Borowy419P
2001  OkeechobeeRenee Silvers
2006  LeesburgJudy Cassidy1202P
2298  Panama CityMarie Bradford912P
7467  Pinellas ParkBetty Swan205P
Aux #Local S.E.C. WomenRoom Number
0001  St. PetersburgDorothy Johns440P
0002  EdgewaterMary Pat Dean535P
0004  TampaEarlene WhiddenPP
0007  ChipleyBonnie Deeken1113P
0008  St. PetersburgPatricia Zaykowski1034P
0009  OdessaTrudy Wood702P
0012  PensacolaDebbie Mengle
0013  DelandLinda Blake
0014  Hobe SoundHelen Evans1005P
0015  Fort PierceTerri Graziano527P
0016  HudsonEllie Schwartz555P
0017  SanfordEstrella Young1826P
0018  EatonvilleErnestine Ingram701P
0019  Orange LakeCathy Thacker
June 2014 Convention
0021  SebringSandra Stevens1302P
0023  NaplesGinger DownsPP
0026  ValricoSusan Johnson2203P
0029  DestinBeverly Messner
0030  OrlandoEvelyn Mcelvin338P
0032  LakelandRuth Atwood1004P
0033  St CloudCatherine SincerboxP
0034 Palm BayJackie McAdams
0035  CrestviewJerri Devoll909P
0042  ChieflandNancy Philips  
0044  BrandonDebra Lloyd  424P
0045  St. AugustineCathy Leahy
0047  Panama City Beachkathleen  Mentzer
0050  N. Fort MyersGlenda Eller327P
0059  Palm CoastNot Revalidated—By-Laws
0060  ArcadiaSherry Miraldi1751P
0067  ClearwaterClaire Lawson902P
0078  ValparaisoDee Norman  1403P
0081  N. Fort MyersDebbie Beck  417 P
0086  Keystone HeightsDebbie Ellingham  2330 P
0088  Bronsoncharlotte dunford  P
0092  Jensen BeachLinda Powell  663P
0098  HolidayMary Lou Groyon  
0100  Daytona BeachIDA ISLES  904P
0113  BunnellArlene Firth  
0178  Defuniak SpringsWilma Infinger  
0200  OkeechobeeNot revalidated—Bylaws & Reval  
0231  FountainLola Teeter  2204P
0292  PensacolaHertha Long  
—0301  EllentonKimberly Copeland  
0312  North PortElizabeth Labossiere  1704P
0422  Fanning Springsteresa ingram655P
0444  WillistonDarlene  Linnell1818P
0447  InglisNot Revalidated— No Reval
0550  ZephyrhillsJane Birk353P
0893  RockledgeCecilia Henderson319P
0911  Port OrangeFran Doggett401P
1208  Salt SpringsValerie Howsare
1219  TampaDaphne Lopez
1292  MiltonJuanita Scheffner
1939  Deerfield BeachNot Revalidated—no Reval   
1992  Mount DoraDebra Luyster529P
1999  Port CharlotteElsie Bushor
2000  Warm Mineral SpringsRegina Sheets419P
2001  OkeechobeeJune Young
2006  LeesburgClaudia ThompsonPP
2298  Panama CityAudrey Cay, Alt. SECPP
7467  Pinellas ParkTammy Allen205P
9987  AstorAdele Ward

June 2014 Convention