Friday, February 13, 2015 Opening Session

President Karen Powers called the meeting to order.  Chaplain Jerri Devoll gave the invocation.  Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson led in the Presentation of Colors and Pledge of Allegiance.


Preamble was read by 1st Vice Sheila Haywood, Aims and Purposes read by 2nd Vice Sherry Marecek, Code of Ethics read by 3rd Vice Meltonia Presley and Definition of Americanism read by Americanism Officer Cathy Carroll.


President Powers welcomed everyone to the February 2015 SEC.  She then asked for approval of the agenda.  Sherry Marecek moved for approval of the agenda.  2nd by 1st Vice Sheila Haywood.  Motion carried.


Roll call was given by Doe Seals, Recording Secretary.


Announcements:  Jr. AMVETS Coordinator Debra Pate asked that we support the Jr. AMVETS 50/50 this week-end and to bring all your pull tabs in tomorrow as the Juniors will be going to Ronald McDonald House in Orlando on Saturday.


PDP Dee Baggett/Convention Chairman needs all the 50/50 tickets that were sent to the locals in October.  Also, you can buy 50/50 Convention tickets at the back of the room.


PNP Charlene Kee/Parliamentarian stated that local training would be held on Saturday at 2 p.m.


Linetta Shillings – Ways & Means (pro tem) stated that Basket of Cheer tickets are available at the back of the room – 10 tickets for $5.00.


Benediction was given by Chaplain Jerri Devoll and Respect to the Colors was led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson.  Meeting was recessed until Saturday at 8:30 a.m.


Saturday, February 14, 2015


President Powers reconvened the SEC meeting at 8:30 a.m., but the meeting was delayed as she and PNP Charlene Kee, Parliamentarian were called out of the room.  Chairperson Sheila Haywood asked for Roll Call by Doe Seals, Recording Secretary.


Upon returned to the meeting room, President Powers reconvened the meeting at 9:00 a.m. and introduced National President Sylvia Rowland as she was escorted by PDP/NEC Mary Lou Maslo.


Sons of AMVETS Commander Dan Briggs, Florida Commander Marvin Floer and Past FL Commander Barber were escorted to the podium by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson.  The National Commander stated that their E-Board meeting was held at Post #301 – he thanked everyone for their wonderful hospitality and wished everyone a great week-end.  SOA Commander of #301 stated that they shine at the Dept. of Florida.  We have the best auxiliary in the whole world and he called Aux. #301 President Audrey Moore forward and presented her with a plaque for Aux. #301 from National & local SOA’s for all the hard work and hospitality they provided for the Sons’ E-Board meeting.


President Powers stated that last night at the National President’s reception, there was an extra gift bag left in the room and in that bag was AMVETS National Commander Via’s gold hat – so they started a bidding war for the National Commander to “buy back” his gold hat.  This morning, President Powers, PNP Charlene Kee and National Pres. Sylvia Rowland went on the AMVETS floor to raise money for Comm. Via to get his hat back.  The SOA’s started the bidding at $100. and it escalated to $500.  National President Rowland walked onto the AMVETS floor wearing the National Commander’s gold hat.  They informed Comm. Via that he had to “cough up” $500 in order to get his hat back.  The AMVETS were taking up a collection on their floor to raise the money.  Comm. Via was escorted into our meeting room with FL Comm. Allen Baggett who stated that the FL AMVETS did indeed raise the $500 to pull the National Commander “out of the fire”.  Natl. Comm. Via stated he would find a way to pay back the National President “somehow”.  These funds will go to the Lake Worth Carillon.


PDP Dee Baggett/Convention Chair stated that for each drawing, the base will be $175 – plus whatever money they raise for the daily tickets.  Irma Packard won $189 for Friday’s ticket.


Motions of the October 2014 SEC meeting were read by Doe Seals, Recording Secretary.  She then moved to accept the minutes as printed, distributed and read.  2nd by 1st Vice Sheila Haywood.  Motion carried.


Correspondence:  Doe Seals, Recording Secretary (1) read letter from PDP Evelyn McElvin declaring her intention to run for National 1st Vice.  PDP/NEC Mary Lou Maslo moved that the Dept. of FL members support PDP Evelyn McElvin.  2nd by PDP Gloria Jasinski.  Motion carried.  (2) Letter from Angi Deese, Pres. Of Aux. #1992 requesting that the Dept. of FL support PDP Dee Baggett as she seeks re-election as National Americanism Officer.  PDP/NEC Mary Lou Maslo moved that the Dept. of FL members support PDP Dee Baggett.  2nd by Sheila Haywood.  Motion carried.  Letter from Dept. of Arizona announcing the candidacy of Sheila Jackson for the office of National Scholarship Officer at the 2015 National Convention in Alabama.


Riders’ President Vince Streeter was escorted to the podium.  He stated that you don’t have to have a motorcycle to belong to the Riders.  FL Riders are really growing in number with several ladies belonging and they expect to have a female Riders’ president someday soon.  He thanked everyone for their support.


The Junio AMVETS entered the room and President Dalton Hancock was escorted to the podium.  He introduced the Jr. officers for this year and asked that we support their 50/50 raffle this week-end.  Jr. AMVETS Coordinator Debra Pate’s report is on pg. 44.  Eleven Jr’s. Are going to Ronald McDonald House.  Thank you for bringing in the pull tabs to take to R. McDonald House.  She announced that Jr. President Dalton Hancock’s reception will held in Rm. 1656 this evening.  Please try to attend.


E-Board Recommendations:


The following is recommended by the E-Board that the AMVETS Ladies Aux. 2015 National Convention registration be paid for any Florida Auxiliary member attending the National Convention with the following stipulations:  1.  that a check is written in the amount of $40 to be held until after the National Convention.  If the member does not attend the Saturday National Election, the check will be deposited.  If the check does not clear, the member will be responsible for any additional charges.  2.  The member must present their name, address and/or e-mail address, telephone number and write the check to the Dept. of Florida and sent to the Executive Secretary no later than the close of the 2015 June Convention.  3.  The member must also include the registration form.  Doe Seals moved to accept these recommendations.  2nd by PDP Trudy Wood.  Motion carried.


Finance Report – PDP Donnajeanne Hakler  Her report is on pgs. 22-24.  She stated that the balance sheet has been omitted from the book.  Balances as of December 31, 2014 are:  checking – $103,973.48, Savings – $9,395.75, plus 5 CD’s with interest, which brings a grand total of $194,529.78.  The report on pgs. 24-24 include the Profit & Loss thru 12-31-14.  Please remember that all donations must be received by the Executive Secretary no later than May 7, 2015.


Introduction of National President Sylvia Rowland – President Rowland stated she felt so welcome when she was greeted at the front door by the members and also for her reception last evening.  She thanked us for inviting her.  We have a great slate of officers here in FL – she has known PNP Charlene Kee for some time now and is pleased to have PDP Evelyn McElvin as one of her officers this year.  Her project this year is “Camp Corral” supported by the Golden Corral chain of restaurants.  Most children do not have an opportunity to attend a camp.  These “Camp Corral” are for children of military personnel.  She will be happy to answer any of our questions and you can check our National Headquarters website for additional information.


PDP Evelyn McElvin/National 2nd Vice welcomed National Pres. Sylvia Rowland.  She thanked the Dept. of FL for supporting her as she goes thru the National chairs and promised to always give 110% of her efforts and she will never forget she comes from F-L-O-R-I-D-A.  She also reminded us that April is John Tracy Clinic month.


PDP Dee Baggett/National Americanism Officer welcomed National Pres. Rowland and thanked her for her guidance.  She thanked the Dept. of FL for supporting her as she seeks re-election as National Americanism Officer.


PNP Charlene Kee is the National Convention Chairman in August 2015 in Birmingham, AL.  She informed us that the tickets for Alabama night are $20 and stated to check the National website for further information.


Presentation of 1st Timers  PDP Dee Baggett welcomed the 1st Timers and introduced the PDP’s as they escorted the 1st Timers.  There were 15 in attendance, which included National Pres. Rowland and she also was presented with a 1st Timers medallion.  They included:  Aux. #15 – Lorraine Moss, Bertha White; Aux. #16 – Dixie McAvoy, Melissa Sanderson, Delores Whitehead; Aux. #17 – Georgia Black; Aux. #50 – Jane Abel, Charla LeLoup; Aux. #100 – Felicia Booze; Aux. #113 – Cyd Weeks; Aux. #292 – Michelle Odom; Aux. #422 – Maria Gonzalez; Aux. #444 – Elizabeth Shoemaker; Aux. #1992 – Linetta Shilling.


Officers’ Reports


President Karen Powers  Her report is on pg. 11 – please read it at your leisure.  She welcomed everyone to our Spring SEC and stated that we are all honored to have out National Pres. Sylvia Rowland with us this week-end.  As we are wrapping up our year, please keep in mind that shortly after our elections, revalidations need to be turned in to Dept. and your 990’s will be due again on June 1st.  She challenged us to have them done before the June Convention.  She will accept them via e-mail or Fax, but send hard copies to the Executive Secretary.  The first 3 she received by e-mail or Fax will receive an award.  Further information will be given at training this afternoon at 2 p.m.  If there are any questions, please see her after the meeting.


1st Vice President Sheila Haywood  Her report is on pgs. 12-15.  Her theme this year is “Let’s Jingle for Membership”.  She asked Holly Burbach to sing a special jingle in honor of Natl. Pres. Rowland.  She also presented Holly and Regina Sheets with certificates of appreciation for their support of her project.  They about and beyond the call to write jingles.  National 1st Vice Pres. Kathy Berning’s theme is “Build Your Membership With New Volunteers”.


Florida AMVETS News editor Mr. White was escorted to the podium and stated he was so happy to be in our meeting room as everyone here is lots prettier than in the AMVETS meeting room.  Deadline for the upcoming newspaper is March 1st.  He thanked everyone for condolences on losing his partner.  You can reach him at AMVETSnewsFL@gmail.com


2nd Vice President Sherry Marecek  Her report is on pgs. 16-18.  Thanks to all the auxiliaries that have turned in reports.  The projects have been very imaginative and show the hard work you all have done; however, there are only 47% of the auxiliaries who have turned in reports – and I know you are all doing the work.  Remember, April is John Tracy Clinic month.  She is sure everyone has their functions planned and that she will see reports as soon as the projects are completed.  Also, don’t forget Make A Wish and St. Jude’s Ranch.  Reporting year is May 1 – 30th.  Cut-off date for your reports to reach your Dept. Service Officers is May 5th.  Please make sure you allow for delivery time when mailing.  You are all doing an awesome job – so if you have any problems, just call me.  “I promise – I don’t bite”.    She extended warm greetings to Natl. Pres. Rowland and wishes Dept. Pres. Powers a successful and productive SEC.  It is an honor to be part of your team.  She thanked everyone for keeping with her theme “Step Up And Reach Out For Our Future”.


3rd Vice President Meltonia Presley  Her report is on pgs. 19-21.  She thanked everyone who have been working sooooooooo hard in Community Service.  We are close to that million in total evaluation, but we still have our work cut out for us.  We are trailing close behind Americanism.  Thanks for all the contributions for the pull tabs for the Jr. AMVETS, who will not be going to R. McDonald House empty-handed today.  Please remember to send Community Service reports ONLY TO HER.  This is how we will gain the million.  Please remember also that March is Paws With a Cause month.  There are PAWS brochures at the back of the room for those who would like them.


NEC/PDP Mary Lou Maslo  Her report is on pg. 38.  She knows that everyone is working very hard – but not everyone is reporting as reports as down.  Please report – deadline is May 5th to Dept. Service Officers.  Also think about the National Convention in August in Birmingham, AL.
Alt. NEC/PDP Gloria Jasinski  No report.


Chaplain Jerri Devoll  Her report is on pgs. 34-36.  Please send 3 copies of Deceased Notification form to the Chaplain and 2 copies to the Exec. Secretary.  This will help speed up the paperwork tremendously.  As of this meeting, the Chaplain has sent out 26 sympathy cards to families and 51 notifications to National Chaplain.  She invited everyone to attend the Memorial Service after the Joint Meeting on Friday, June 12th.  She wants to include a favorite verse, poem or prayer in Pres. Powers’ scrapbook, but to date has received non.  Please submit some so she can have the included.


Hospital Officer Barbara Branch  Her report is on pgs. 28-30.  Her theme is “How Can I Help You?”  Thanks for all your hard work – but be mindful who you send your reports to.  Please be sure they are sent to the  correct service officers.  The headline to the officers is May 5th.  Officers names, addresses are listed in the book and are posted on the Dept. website.  Another reminder – reports are not accepted by e-mail or Fax – so please mail them in a timely manner.


Americanism Officer Cathy Carroll  Her reports is on pgs. 25-27.  Is there anyone out there who’s not in the B.H.A.G. yet?  Big – Hairy – Audacious Goal.  1 million in service evaluations – 100% auxiliaries reporting – 1 extra-ordinary year.  Reports collected since cut-off for the book – Americanism has reached 600,000.  Community Service is right on our tails.  47 auxiliaries have reported for 77%.  We’re bringing service back – “Florida ain’t no #2”.  Please remember your donations – Lake Worth Carillon, Freedom Foundation, Honor Flight.  She like to see reports go thru the roof.

Americanism Dept. Winners for 2014-2015 – (K) Ryleigh Kramer, #911 – McKenzie Given, #1992 –  Rowdy Shively, #1992.  (1st Grade) Logan Whitehuest, #911- Lucas Somogy, #911 – Chyna McNealy – #1992.  (2nd Grade) Cora Dow, #26 – Georgia Braudrick, #26 – Maricarmen Gayton Garcia, #1992.  (3rd Grade) Victoria Robles, #911 – Jay McKillop, #26 – Sophia Robicak, #911.  (4th Grade) Erika Williams, #26 – Isis Ramirez, #1992 – Jamaly Santiago, #1992.  (5th Grade) Kirra White, #911 – Christopher ??, #26 – Avery Ayan, #26.  (7th Grade) Madilynne Webb, #7 – Shawn Cendo, #7 – Olivia Floyd, #7.  (9th Grade) Patricia Redmacher, #911 – Brandon Mosley, #911 – Caleb Johnson, #911.  (10th Grade) Matthew Lehr, #911 – Kaley Boethig, #312 – Alexander Hadeh, #911.  (11th Grade) Alex Cacare, #911 – Caleb Powell, #911 – Nicole Kubtone, #911.  (12th Grade) MacKenzie Fairchild, #911 – Caleb O’Connor, #911 – Aspen Davidson, #312.  There were 16 winners from #911 – 7 from #1992 – 5 from #26 – 3 from #7 and 2 from #312.  Thank you to Dee Gonzalez, Teresa Defocy, Kathleen Gemme and Carrie Presley for the assistance in judging.  The theme for 2015-2016 is ‘WHAT DOES FLAG PROTECTION MEAN TO YOU”.


Scholarship Officer Ernestine Ingram (Pro Tem)  Scholarship report is on pgs. 3133.  Ernestine asked for the following correction to the deadline for Florida scholarships – it is MAY 23rd.  She thanked Pres. Powers for asking her to fill in this week-end in Margaret Sousa’s absence.


Parliamentarian PNP Charlene Kee  Her report is on pg. 39.  The Bylaws Committee met on Friday and had no recommendations at this time.  Please don’t forget to review your local and District bylaws and to check the auxiliary nos. listed in her report to see if your local/District aux. Needs to submit their bylaws before Dept. Convention.  Send 2 sets of bylaws and minutes of the meeting when they were approved at your local to the Dept. Parliamentarian.  These bylaws do not go into effect until they are approved by the Dept. Parliamentarian and the Dept. President and returned to you.  She also stated that she receives many calls concerning grievances.  If you do have a grievance, it should be addressed to PDP Lucille Henson, who is the Grievance Committee Chairperson.


Grievance Chairman PDP Lucille Henson  Thank you all for my NOT having a report at this time.  Guess everyone is getting along.


Appeals Chairman PDP Gloria Jasinski  No report


Executive Secretary Linda Hoon  Her report is on pg 40.  She thanked everyone who lists the members alphabetically on their D&R’s.  If you have any questions for her, you can leave a message and she will return your call.  Included in the packets are 3 rosters (we are 600 members short of last year’s numbers).  Two copies of the revalidations and Dept. Patron’s Page are also included in the packet.


Recording Secretary Doe Seals  Her report is on pg. 41.


Convention Chairman PDP Dee Baggett  Her report is on pg. 45.  Banquet plan for the June Convention has been finalized.  We will be having a plated steak dinner for $20, vegetables and CHOCOLATE for dessert.  There was a $4500 roll-over from last year’s Convention, giving us additional funds to be split 3 ways.  Help is needed tonight selling tickets for the Horse Race.  Also we could use door prizes for the June Convention.  Patron’s Page will be distributed on Sunday.  Today’s 50/50 stands at $200.


Honors & Awards Chairman PDP Evelyn McElvin  Her report is on pg. 46.  “When The Saints Go Marching In”.  The Forecast will be distributed and discussed at the School of Instruction this afternoon.  Don’t forget to share this information at your local – it is not your personal copy.  She thanked everyone for all the condolences she received on the loss of her mother.


PRO Jill Holstein  Her report is on pg. 43.  She wants and needs photos of various activities and projects from each auxiliary.  Please send them to her by March 1st – or let her know you have something to submit and she will reserve a spot for your auxiliary.  The American Veterans magazine costs money – Facebook does not – if you want help, she can help set one up for your auxiliary.  If you have activities going on at your Post, put it on Facebook – it’s free advertisement.


Credential Chairman Sandy Polite  The pre-registration page for the June Convention is on pg. 79.  Registration deadline for June is May 19th in her hands.  She also has a deadline with Linda Hoon.  There were 13 on-site registrations, 113 pre-registered, 27 officers for a total of 153 total registration.  Total money turning is $1,445, which includes $55 in late fees.  Please register early and on time.  She will have a gift for the first 3 auxiliaries who submit their pre-registration.


Fisher House Representative Darlene Linnell  Her report is on pg 50.  Please try to visit a Fisher House in your area and let the people who are staying there feel welcome while they are visiting a veterans who is hospitalized.


Bushnell Cemetery Representative Claudia Thompson  Her report is on pg. 49.  As Sgt. At Arms  she received $5 for members cell phones going off during the meeting – but she hasn’t received a lot of money for chocolate for June.


VAVS Representative – James Haley Hospital – Tammy Waring  No report.


VAVS Representative – Bay Pines – Janet Northcutt  Her report is on pg. 51.  She stated that Natl. Pres. Sylvia Rowland was the 1st Natl. VAVS Representative that she worked under — so happy to see her here this week-end.


VAVS Representative – Orlando – Eartha Melton  Her report is on pg. 52.


Announcements:  President Powers reminded everyone of the School of Instruction this afternoon at 2 p.m.  Casual attire.  Please bring your Bylaws and manual.  A reminder that Jr. AMVETS Pres. Hancock’s reception is this evening – please support their 5-/50’s,etc. And we are very proud that Dalton Hancock was named Jr. AMVET of the Year at National Convention last August.  She announced that the Gaveliers’ lunch will be served in the Dept. President’s suite following this meeting.


Convention Chair Dee Baggett announced that the winner of the Saturday 50/50 is Richard Wood – $207.  Thanks to the members who have volunteered to help with the horse race tonight.


Ways & Means Chair Linetta Shilling (pro tem)  The Ways & Means report is on pg. 47.  Linetta asked that we don’t forget about the Ways & Means Basket.


Benediction was given by Chaplain Jerri Devoll, following by Respect to the Colors led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson.  Meeting recessed until Sunday at 8:30 a.m.


Sunday, February 15, 2015


Prior to the meeting the Sunday 50/50 was drawn – winner being Irma Packard – $216, of which she donated $100 to the Natl. President’s charity – “Camp Corral”.  Jr. AMVETS 50/50 was won by PDP Mary Lou Maslo – $267.


President Powers reconvened the meeting at 8:30 a.m.  Invocation was given by Chaplain Jerri Devoll, followed by Respect to the Colors led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson.


Roll call by Recording Secretary Doe Seals.


Presidents’ Council – Debbie Beck  There were 29 in attendance.  They discussed various ways to raise money – basket of luck – scratch off baskets.  There is a website you can go to – doityourselffundraiser.com for ideas.  Also discussed visiting local nursing homes or adopt a veteran.  Good discussion by everyone.


SEC Council – Jerri Devoll  Her report is on pg. 48.  The Council thanked Pres. Powers for providing a larger meeting space.  There were 22 SEC’s, 7 alternates and 4 guests for a total of 33 present.  There were 4 PDP’s in attendance.  They discussed the importance of getting the revalidation forms on or before the deadline.  PDP Baggett answered many questions, which was very helpful.  A big thank you!  They did collect $1.00 for someone having their cell phone turned on.


The following District/Locals had reports in the book – District 2, Local auxiliaries #’s 1-4-9-14-17-23-30-35-44-50-78-88-92-100-292-301-422-444 and 1292.


Aux. #8 SEC Pat Zaykowski stated it has been a very busy year.  We filled back-packs for disadvantaged children, held our annual Halloween and Christmas Children’s parties, with Easter coming up; we held a service for the Chapel of Four Chaplains, had a “Romance Basket” raffle for Scholarship and our John Tracy & PAWS functions are just around the corner.  We also held a Yard Sale for St. Jude’s and filled food baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We had 4 members who attended the National Convention and we are very proud that we received several awards.


Aux. #12  They have held several fund-raisers with 1 coming up to benefit the Cancer Society.


Aux. #26  They recently lost their President and on Dec. 10th also lost their Past President.  Their upcoming project is to sell purple ribbons to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation.


Aux. #32  They are rebuilding and getting new members.  They will be having a pig roast.


Aux. #81  They have served holiday dinners, given baskets for the needy and held an auction for PAWS.  Tonia Blauvelt announced that Debbie Beck would be running for Dept. Americanism Officer.


Aux. #86  Eldonna Mead is the current President as their President passed away in December.


Guest – Past SOA Commander Ken Barber thanked everyone who helped at the Horse Races last night.  They are turning over $1,242 to the AMVETS.


Aux. #1992  PDP Dee Baggett stated they are the largest auxiliary in the Nation.  They have functions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and rotate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  They stay very active and busy.


Aux. #2006  They helped 36 kids at Christmas, filled 10 baskets for the needy and 8 baskets for Thanksgiving.  They cut coupons for the troops and held a yard sale for St. Jude’s Hospital with another one scheduled for the end of February.


Gaveliers’ Report:  The meeting was held in President Powers’ suite with 9 PDP’s present.  She thanked all 15 1st Timers for their attendance.  Recommendations from the Gaveliers:

The Gaveliers award given to Local Presidents and SEC’s for attendance will be amended for the 2015-2016 year.  It will continue to be judged based on the roll call taken at the auxiliary meetings as we do now.  We feel that the Presidents and SEC’s should also attend their individual Council meetings as well.  For 2015-2016 year, the award will be based on roll call meeting attendance, and will also include only those who sign the attendance sheet and are present at their council meetings.  The one exception being the council meeting held on Friday at the June Convention.  So be sure you are counted.  PDP Baggett moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by PDP Gloria Jasinski.  Motion carried.


It has been noted that the SEC book for this meeting has been edited to the point where the majority of reports have been changed and some completely re-typed and not in their original form.  Since we are asked to send camera-ready reports, we are questioning why this has been done as this is a waste of valuable time and subject to errors in re-typing.  We ask that the Executive Secretary refrain from this procedure and use the original camera-ready reports as submitted and approved by our President.

Linda Hoon’s response:  At times, it is necessary to adapt the material that is sent in to the printer’s specifications for proper transmission and printing.


Once per year the Gaveliers go out to dinner with the National President when she is here.  President Powers gave the Gaveliers a gift to help pay for dinner.  We thank her from the bottom of our hearts.  Last night, several people stopped by our table to say hello – but the ladies from Aux. #50 took us by surprise.  They insisted that we each needed an alcoholic drink.  With a “little” arm twisting, almost all of us obliged.  So we would like to thank Ramona Mourhess and Eloise Lutz for the round of drinks and also for the kind words to us.


Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson  Make sure you have your badges in June as you will not be allowed in the meeting room during voting.  We collected a total of $65 for candy for the June Convention.  She thanked Eddie May, Peg Morgan, Dee Gonzalez and Wanda McDermon who paged this week-end.


Quartermaster Joy Nekola  Her report is on pg. 42.  She sold a total of $3,433 this week-end.  She thanked the ladies from #422 for all their assistance and a special thank to Patti Orr.  She could not have done all this without their help.  She asked them all to stand for recognition.


Way & Means Linetta Shilling (pro tem) She turned in $450 for the basket raffle.


Convention Chair PDP Dee Baggett  Thanks to everyone who supported the Horse Race last night.  A big thank you to the SOA’s for running it and to the ladies who worked it – Sharon Sheldon, Aux. #88, Mildred Clark, Aux. #550 and Elizabeth Shoemaker, Aux. #444.  Please note that the banquet reservation form in on pg. 77.  $612 is going to Dept. funds from this week-end’s 50/50.


Unfinished Business


President Powers stated that the registration form for National Convention will appear in the Hot Line.  Deadline for submitting it will be at the close of the June Convention.


New Business


President Powers stated that it was indeed a pleasure serving as Dept. President for the last 2 years and she declared her intention to run for Dept. Treasurer for 2015-2016.  Barbara Branch declared her intention to run for Dept. President.  Sherry Marecek declared her intention to run for 2nd Vice.  Meltonia Presley declared her intention to run for 3rd VicePDP Donnajeanne Hakler declared her intention to run for NECPDP Mary Lou Maslo declared her intention to run to Alt. NECSheila Haywood declared her intention to run for 1st Vice.  Jerri Devoll declared her intention to run for ChaplainCathy Carroll declared her intention to run for Hospital OfficerClaudia Thompson declared her intention to run for Sgt. At ArmsDebbie Beck declared her intention to run for Americanism Officer.




Diane Rook of Aux. #1992 stated that they are selling pins “Proudly Service Veterans” for $5 each to support PDP Dee Baggett’s campaign for National Americanism Officer.


Convention Chair PDP Baggett  – Please do not forget any door prizes you would like to donate – you can contact your Credentials Chair Sandy Polite or me.  All items we have extra will be used for the National Convention in Birmingham, AL and will be given to the National Convention Chair PNP Charlene Kee.  Also, there will be a prize in June for the Dept. Patron’s Page.


National President Sylvia Rowland stated that Pres. Karen Powers has done a great job this week-end.  Thank you – thank you – thank you – you all have made me feel like I was one of the FL gang.  Keep up the good work!  Also thanks for sharing Charlene, Evelyn and Dee with me.  They represent FL very well — and – I will be running for NOTHING after August.


Having no further business, Chaplain Jerri Devoll gave the Benediction.  Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson extinguished the candles, closed the Bible and led in retiring the Colors.


Madam President Powers adjourned the SEC at 9:35 a.m., thanked everyone for a great week-end and wished everyone a safe trip home.