MINUTES – October 2014 S.E.C.


Friday, October 31, 2014 Opening Session

President Karen Powers called the meeting to order.  Chaplain Jerri Devoll gave the invocation.  Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson led in the Presentation of Colors and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Preamble was read by 1st Vice Sheila Haywood, Aims & Purposes read by 2nd Vice Sherry Marecek, Code of Ethics read by 3rd Vice Meltonia Presley and Definition of Americanism by Americanism Officer Cathy Carroll.

Welcome to the October 2014 SEC by President Powers.  She will keep it short and she thanked everyone for attending this evening’s session.  She then asked for the following agenda changes:  change Saturday’s School of Instruction to 2 p.m. And change President’s Council and SEC Council meetings to 1 p.m.  PDP Dee Baggett moved to accept these changes.  2nd by 2nd Vice Sherry Marecek.  Motion carried.

Roll call was given by Doe Seals, Recording Secretary.

Announcements:  PNP/Parliamentarian Charlene Kee stated that at Saturday’s training session, there will be a question and answer period and that there is a container at the back of the room where you can put your questions.  Training is scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m.  Please bring your manual, and National and Dept. Bylaws.  President Powers asked that everyone come back after lunch on Saturday afternoon and wear casual clothing for a relaxed atmosphere.

PDP Baggett announced there are 50/50 tickets available – the Friday ticket will be drawn 1st thing on Saturday a.m.  Please see her, Eartha Melton or Diane Rook to purchase these tickets – the cost is $3.00 per book or $1.00 for each day’s ticket.  Saturday’s ticket will be drawn at the close of the Saturday’s session.  If there were tickets taken to your locals in June, please see her as they need to be turned in.  She thanked Peg Morgan for helping to sell tickets today.  Gaveliers scratch-off tickets are also available for sale – please see one of the PDP’s if you want to buy any.  Please support the Gaveliers.

Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson announced that Mildred Clark left a check for dues with the Quartermaster – so if anyone knows her, please inform her that the Sgt. At Arms has her check.

Benediction was given by Chaplain Jerri Devoll and Respect to the Colors was led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson.  Meeting was recessed until Saturday at 8:30 a.m.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

President Karen Powers reconvened the SEC meeting at 8:30 a.m. followed by Invocation by Chaplain Jerri Devoll and Pledge led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson.

Roll call was given by Doe Seals, Recording Secretary.

Motions of the June 2014 State Convention were read by Doe Seals, Recording Secretary.  She then moved to accept the minutes as printed, distributed and read.  2nd by PDP Gloria Jasinski.  Motion carried.

E-Board Recommendations:  1.  Recommendation that we purchase a Cannon SX 520 camera for the PRO, to include case and card.  Cost not to exceed $400.  Doe Seals moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by PDP Trudy Wood.  Motion carried.  2.  The Dept. currently has 2 Bibles.  It has been recommended that the Chaplain be allowed to hold a “no charge” raffle for any auxiliary or District not currently having a Bible.  Raffle will be held on Sunday prior to regular Dept. raffles.  Must be present to win.  Doe Seals moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by PDP Donnajeanne Hakler.  Motion carried.  3.  Due to Judy Sauers resignation, it has been recommended that Catherine Costentino be appointed VAVS Deputy to Lake City VAMC.  Doe Seals moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by Meltonia Presley.  Motion carried.  4.  Due to Becky Coupe’s resignation, recommendation has been made to appoint Tammy Waring as VAVS Representative to James A. Haley VAMC.  Doe Seals moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by Sherry Marecek.  Motion carried.  5.  It has been recommended that all Dept. Officers give a copy of their floor report to the Recording Secretary for accuracy.  Doe Seals moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by Claudia Thompson.  Motion carried.  6.  Recommendation by the Bylaws Committee that we add a #5 Standing Rule – that all elected and appointed Dept. officers MUST serve 1 full term (year) in order to continue to wear a Dept. hat.  Doe Seals moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by PDP Donnajeanne Hakler.  Motion carried.  7.  The 2nd recommendation by the Bylaws Committee is to add Standing Rule #6 – that no alcoholic beverage shall be brought in and/or consumed during a meeting with the exception of a basket of cheer.  Doe Seals moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by Meltonia Presley.  Motion carried.

Points of information were also shared with the members.  1.  The Florida AMVETS News will now be published twice per year.  Final submission dates will be March 1st and Sept. 1st.  2.  Pertaining to Scrapbook:  No AMVETS information should appear in the local scrapbook – just material that pertains to auxiliary matters.

Correspondence:  Recording Secretary read thank you’s from Jerry Estep and the family of Judy Estep – Pam Stoppelbein, RIders – Jacob Waddell – Angela Waddell (Jacob’s mother) – Steve Daniels on winning the Convention Ladies raffle.  Thank you from PDP Dee Baggett for Dept.’s support in electing her National Americanism Officer, and her letter of resignation as well as resignation from Hospital Officer Carole Ahmad due to her husband’s ill health.

President Powers showed the members the beautiful new auxiliary banner and explained all the trials and tribulations in finally getting this banner.

Guests:  AMVETS Commander Alan Baggett stated he is looking forward to a great year and emphasized that AMVETS posts could not survive without all the hard work and dedication provided by the auxiliaries.  Keep up the good work.  He is proud to be part of the AMVETS family!

PDC Larry Arnett – AMVETS Service Foundation – Their elections were held at the June State Convention and he is very proud to have been chosen to head the Service Foundation.  They voted to award $1,000 for scholarships to the auxiliary and to grant $1,000 to the auxiliary for Dept. Officers training.  There are also hardship grants available.  He stated that the hardest job he had in AMVETS was as Post Commander – he couldn’t have made it without the auxiliary and gave special recognition to PDP Linda Best Gfell for all her assistance during his tenure as Post Commander.  He thanked everyone for their donations to the thrift stores throughout the state.  2% of their revenue is derived from the stores.  “Glad to see you all” !!

Parliamentarian/PNP Charlene Kee asked why the Dept. Officers hesitate to make motions or to 2nd that motion.  Dianne Linnell answered PNP Charlene Kee’s question —–  waiting for “floor people to 2nd”.

Treasurer’s Report – PDP Donnajeanne Hakler  Her report is on pgs. 22-32. The Dept. 990 has been filed.  As to the recommendations that were made at the June Convention re: QuikBooks and a laptop computer – here is the latest update.  1.  Since we don’t have payroll or computer-generated checks, we do not need to update from QuikBooks 9 to the 2014 version – which saves us some money.  2.  She has attempted to purchase a computer twice without success due to shipping and other problems.  She is hopeful to have the purchase completed by the February 2015 SEC and turn over the old computer to the Training Committee/Gaveliers.  Please make the following changes to the Budget Overview (pg. 31) under Convention  Income – strike out 50/50 – $1,000 and change Total Convention Income to $5,300, now making Total Income $116,150.  Pg. 32 – Headquarters Supplies: change from $935 to $868 – Insurance Policy Renewal – change from $135 to $202 – Membership/Annual – change from $50,900 to $49,900 – making Total Expense change from $117,150 to $116,150.  PDP Hakler then moved for acceptance of the Proposed Budget in the book.  2nd by Janet Northcutt.  Motion carried.   She then thanked Sheila Haywood, Sherry Marecek and Barbara Branch who sat on the Finance Committee.

Audit Committee Report  The Audit Committee consisting of Sheila Haywood, Barbara Branch and Sherry Marecek, met Thursday p.m.  With the exception of a couple of housekeeping corrections, all books were found to be in order.

Presentation of 1st Timers   PDP Dee Baggett welcomed the 1st Timers and asked them to line up at the back of the room.  There were 24 attendees that included:  Aux. #8 – Gail Burger, Pat Campbell, Phyllis Hamilton Gordon and Donna Newkirk; Aux. #14 – Kathleen Gemme; aux. #9 – Mary McCarthy; Aux. #17 – Susan Washington; Aux. #33 – Marilyn Cochran, Ardelle Cordalen, Deborah Daley and Susan Sardoni; Aux. #35 – Joyce Anderson; Aux. #44 – Michelle Vetrano; Aux. #60 – Charlotte Dyer; Aux. #88 – Charlotte Dunford; Aux. #98 – Mary Lou Groyon and Patti Perkins; Aux. #292 – Mary Burrell; Aux. #312 – Ruth Arbuckle; Aux. #422 – Marvine Robert; Aux. #1992 – Margaret Johnson; Aux. #2000 – Becky Bourke; Aux. #2006 – Patricia Trombley and Carol Wininger.  PDP Baggett acknowledged all the PDP’s and stated they are always available as advisers.  She wished all 1st Timers a very productive week-end.

President Powers and Exec. Secretary Linda Hoon presented ladies from Auxiliary #33 – St. Cloud with their Charter.

Officers’ Reports

President Karen Powers  Her report is on pgs. 10-11.She congratulated PDP Evelyn McElvin and PDP Dee Baggett.  As you now know, we have 2 Florida girls as newly-elected National Officers – PDP McElvin as National 2nd Vice and PDP Baggett as National Americanism Officer.  She congratulated them and knows they will continue to make Florida proud.  Her theme this year will continue to be “United We Stand”, because together we can accomplish more.  Her special project again is the Carillon Bell Tower at Lake Worth.  Her goal is to raise $2,000.  Please help support this worthwhile cause.  She asked the Sgt. At Arms to circulate an envelope around the room and asked each auxiliary member to contribute what they could.  She will match dollar for dollar with her personal donation,.

President Powers discussed the 990’s situation.  All 990’s are due to be filed on June 1st each year with absolute drop-dead deadline to the IRS by October 15th.   When submitting your 990’s, you are required to send a copy to Dept., and Dept. has a deadline to have them at National.  She was sent roll call to proof before book printing.  Out of 63 auxiliaries and 4 districts, there were over 30 auxiliaries “not in good standing”.  She is proud to say that after sending e-mails and text messages to local presidents and treasurers, we have 990’s on all but 3 auxiliaries.  Thank you, Ladies, for your time and effort and quick response.

President Powers then stated that there are openings for VAVS Representatives and Deputies, also National Cemetery Representatives.  If anyone is interested in any of these positions, please contact her.  She congratulated Catherine Cosentino as newly-appointed VAVS Deputy to Lake City, Eartha Melton as VAVS Representative at Orlando and Tammy Waring as VAVS Representative at James Haley.  A reminder that Annual Joint Reviews (AJR’s) are now past due at all VA Medical Centers.  As a VAVS Representative, if you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting, you should ask one of your deputies to attend, as this is a mandatory requirement of your position.  There is a VAVS Representative meeting this afternoon at 2 p.m. jointly with AMVETS.

Treasurer – PDP Donnajeanne Hakler – As to the motion to accept the budget previously submitted, the motion needs to be changed to read: “that the budget as corrected in the book” be approved.  She then moved for acceptance of this change.  2nd by 2nd Vice Sherry Marecek.  Motion carried.

1st Vice President – Sheila Haywood  Her report is on pgs. 12-15. She is very honored to serve as 1st Vice and thanked everyone for their support. October 31st was the deadline date for early bird renewals and MUST be to Exec. Secretary no later than November 7th.  There is a brochure in each SEC packet explaining what we are about.  Please keep is as a master sheet and make copies for membership drives.  Her them this year is “Let’s Jingle for Membership”. She asked all 1st Vice to send her a short jingle. At the February SEC she will choose 2 jingles to be sung by members of the chosen auxiliaries.  Please include your tel. no. on your jingle and she will call the winners so they can be prepared to sing their jingle.  1st Vice Sheila “sang” her jingle to the members.  She then asked Holly Burbach from Aux. #2000 to sing her jingle – which was quite moving.  She then reminded us that National 1st Vice Kathy Berning’s them is “Build Your Membership With New Volunteers”.

2nd Vice President – Sherry Marecek  Her report is on pgs. 16-18. She stated that all SEC’s have received a packet of information for their auxiliary.  She is very proud to have PDP Evelyn McElvin as her counterpart as National 2nd Vice and also she is my teacher.  She has been remiss in her packet information.  She apologized and promised National 2nd Vice McElvin that it won’t happen again — she forgot to write a letter explaining what National 2nd Vice’s theme is this year and what her personal theme is.  National 2nd Vice’s theme is “Jump Aboard – Step Up and Make a Difference in a Child’s Life”.  Dept. 2nd Vice theme is – “Step Up and Reach Out For Our Future”.  As we all know, our children are our future.  Child Welfare is any activity or project that benefits only children.  Projects that provide for the well-being of children are unlimited.  Our National program is the John Tracy Clinic and April is the John Tracy Clinic month.  National Ladies Auxiliary has support John Tracy with our donations for over 36 years – a little bit longer than she’s alive (she lies!).  John Tracy was founded by Louise Tracy, wife of actor Spencer Tracy in honor of their son John, who had profound hearing loss.  Mrs. Tracy’s vision was to share what she had learned with other parents of deaf children.  The idea was to raise money for John Tracy Clinic and provide assistance to deaf children for free.  Mark your calendars and hold a wonderful function for JTC through your auxiliary.  In the Dept. of Florida, we also sponsor Make A Wish.  National 2nd Vice McElvin would also like for us to concentrate on abused children; she also has some articles in the SEC packet for St. Jude’s Ranch that supports abused children.

National 2nd Vice McElvin stated that Sherry did a wonderful job with her report.

3rd Vice President – Meltonia Presley Her report is on pgs. 19-21. Her theme this year is “United We Stand For Community Service”.  Her special project will be the promotion of Ronald McDonald House.  Her award will be given to the auxiliary with the most in total evaluation.  Keep in mind, this is also PNP Charlene Kee’s award.  She thanked everyone for submitting their reports so far – total as of October 1st is $161,928.76.  Community Service has been challenged to reach a goal of $1,000,000 by June Convention.  She knows we can get it – with blood drives, donation to Fisher House, PAWS, Red Cross – just to name a few.  If anyone has any questions, please contact her.  If there is anyone here from Aux. #21, 26, 550 and 1292, please see her after the meeting.  Drawings were held to establish which Fisher House would be supported this year.  It will for West Palm.  Also drawing for Ronald McDonald House will be in Pensacola on Bayou Blvd.

NEC/PDP Mary Lou Maslo Her report is on pg. 45.  She emphasized that she would like everyone to read the National Convention Delegate’s report.  The Dept. sends the delegate to National for you.  She worked very hard on her report to provide you with as much information as possible as to what happens at National Convention.   Everything that occurs there filters down and affect you in some way.  Please take the time to read her report on pgs 50-56.  National President Sylvia Rowland will be visiting us at the February SEC.  Please greet her warmly, take time to talk with her – she doesn’t bite.  There will be a reception in her honor where each auxiliary can present her with gifts or monetary donations.  Please plan to attend her reception.  She also emphasized service reports.  They must be in the Dept. Service Officers hands by November 5th.  If you have no reports, please send a report to the Service Officers saying “No reports at this time”. This information in sent to the NEC who then send it on to National, so you are qualified to apply and/or receive awards at the National Convention.

Alt NEC/PDP Gloria Jasinski She thanked Pres. Powers for her appointment and will work hand-in-hand with NEC Maslo.

Chaplain – Jerri Devoll Her report is on pgs. 42-43. There will be a quiz on para. 4 and you will be graded on para. 7.  There have been 28 notifications sent to National Headquarters and 28 notifications sent to National Chaplain Beverly Studebaker.  Jerri has sent 12 sympathy cards to families, 4 get well cards and 4 misc. cards.  As previously reported, the Dept. has 2 Bibles.  Any auxiliary or District not having a Bible and would like one, please see Dee Norman at the Ways & Means table to sign up for the drawing which will be held Sunday at 8 a.m. before all the other drawings – but you must be present to win.

Hospital Officer – Barbara Branch Her report is on pgs. 36-38. She realizes it’s a little confusing – but she is the Dept. Hospital Officer, due to Carole Ahmad’s resignation.  Her name and contact information was in the Hot Line and appears in the book.  She thanked Pres. Powers for the appointment.  Her theme is “How Can I Help You?”  Hospital reports include any assistance in a hospital or nursing home that is medically staffed.  Please remember, when applying for awards to follow the criteria and submit by deadline dates.  Don’t forget – St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is a Hospital program.  Try to hold at least one fundraiser for this project.  Service reports MUST be received by the November 5th deadline.

Americanism Officer – Cathy Carroll Her report is on pgs. 33-35. Please remember that Pres. Powers special project the Carillon Bells at Lake Worth is an Americanism project.  She recognized and congratulated PDP Dee Baggett on her election to National Americanism Officer.  Dee’s theme is “Remember Their Sacrifice”.  Cathy Carroll’s project this year is to refurbish the Martha Washington Lobby at Freedom Foundation.

She doesn’t have a theme, nor a project – she has a dream and a mission this year.  It’s a B.H.A.G. – a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.  Last year, she set goals to get every auxiliary to report something for Americanism.  We failed – but we did accomplish something “huge”.  Many auxiliaries who had not reported for years got back in the game, re-dedicated themselves to help our veterans and military with a renewed and focused effort.  These efforts produced amazing results – Florida was #2 in the Nation in Americanism service and slightly eclipsed our Community Service numbers.  So Ladies, this Americanism’s Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal for 2015 for “1 million in service”.  If your auxiliary is one of the very few that is still not reporting – “Get Back In The Game” – we need you – all of you!  Care about someone and turn that care into action.  Be extra-ordinary!

National Americanism Officer – PDP Dee Baggett Thank you to the Dept. of Florida – making sure that our programs are out there and we’re always looking for support.  Thanks for the support here in Florida.

Scholarship Officer – Margaret Sousa Her report is on pgs. 39-41.She stated that she was a beach girl that likes to go shelling and when she thought of education, she thought of the starfish she runs across.  You can make a difference in a person’s life through education.  Be the starfish in your auxiliary and spread the word about scholarship programs.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Please pay close attention to the dates when the scholarship applications need to be submitted.

National Convention Delegate Report – Pres. Karen Powers Her report is on pgs. 50-56. There is a change on the membership application.  Remove the signature of the Secretary and change to read: Signature of Membership Chairman.  Community Service New project: PAWS Puppy Pads have a $30 evaluation, all inclusive.  If you have any questions, contact 3rd V.P. Meltonia Presley.  Changes to evaluation – Used Materials – 8 tracks, cassettes, VHS tapes, records and albums to be evaluated at $5 each.  Add to evaluation list – Used steel-toed boots and shoes evaluated at $50.

Training Committee:  PNP Betty Lawson spoke about Pigeon Forge Training on January 23-25.  Cost is $160 (2 paying attendees per room).  Pres,. Powers has forms for anyone wishing to attend.  Changes to
Grievance Policies
– National Constitution, Article XII, Discipline will be discussed by PNP
Charlene Kee at our training session this afternoon at 2 p.m.

Honors and Awards CeremonyMembership pins from National were distributed.  Gold Pin to Diane Rook, Aux. #1992 for recruiting 26 new members.  Garnet Pins awarded to Carol McKenzie, Aux. #8 with 16 new members, Debra Luyster, Aux. #1992 with 15 new members and Eddie May, Aux. #1992 with 13 new members.  Largest numerical Gain in Membership – Dept. of Florida.  Largest Percentage Gain in Membership – runner-up is Florida.  Most new auxiliaries – Dept. of Florida with 3 new auxiliaries.

Child Welfare  Along with Pres. Powers, Sheila Haywood presented the following awards:  PNP Cathy Fishero Award to Dept. of Florida, John Tracy Clinic Award (local) to Aux. #8, Outstanding Service Award to Aux. #8 for John Tracy Clinic.  Outstanding Service Awards for John Tracy Clinic also went to Aux. #78, 550, 1992, 2006 and 2298.

AMVETS Riders’ President was escorted to the podium.  He thanked all the ladies for their hard work and devotion to the AMVETS family and for all the assistance they give to the Riders.  They recently visited Post #86 in Keystone Heights where they participated in a VETFEST.  The Ladies paid for and installed a banner to go around their table.  They were there recruiting individuals and hopefully starting more chapters.  The Florida Riders currently have 28 Chapters with 132 ladies in the Riders.  They are the only group that encompasses all 3 entities of the AMVETS family.  He again thanked all the ladies for their support and asked them to please think of joining the Riders and asking them when they need help.

(return to awards)

Community Service Blood Donor Plaque (local) Winner – Aux. #8.  Along with Pres. Powers, Sherry Marecek presented the following awards:  PAWS – Aux. #8, donation $2,300, Aux. #9 – $2,835, Aux. #14 – $837, Aux. #26 – $1,000, Aux. #35 – $730, Aux. #67 – $1,000, Aux. #78 – $500, Aux. #92 – $1,100, Aux. #550 – $508, Aux. #1992 – $1,500, Aux. #23 – $502, Aux. #2000 – $813.50, Aux. #2006 – $500, Aux. #2298 – $1,000 and Aux. #7467 – $1,401.96.

Scholarship Awards  Pres. Powers with Past Scholarship Officer Meltonia Presley – PNP Charlene Kee Award (Dept.) to Dept. of Florida, PNP Carol King Award (local) Runner-up – Aux. #8.  (PNP Kee stated:  “Love My Dept. of Florida).

Hospital Award  PNP Barbara Guth Nursing Home Award (local) Runner-up – Aux. #8.

History & Scrapbook PNP Betty Lawson – Dept. History Book Cover awarded to Dept. of Florida.  Pres. Powers thanked Jerri Devoll for all her hard work.

Auxiliary of the Year Award – Runner up – Florida.  Subordinate Pin of the Year – AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Dept. of Florida.

The most important resolution passed on the AMVETS floor on Friday.  The resolution passed to keep our membership year and NOT change to comply with AMVETS fiscal year.  Pres. Powers thanked the AMVETS for their resolution.  We could have had another nightmare w/990’s and IRS with changing our fiscal year.

Pres. Powers also presented Americanism certificates to Aux. #550 from Freedom’s Foundation.  Also to Dept. of Florida and Aux. #1992.  PDP Dee Baggett stated that these awards are from 2 years ago – that had not previously been awarded.

Parliamentarian – PNP Charlene Kee Her report is on pg. 57.  Please read it in its entirety as it is important.  Please cross out her address and tel. no. at the top and just write in her new tel. no. (352) 357-0866 – pg. 70, the address is correct, but change the tel. no. (352) 357-0866; on pg. 72 her address and tel. no. are correct.

She would like to encourage all local presidents to appoint a Parliamentarian or a knowledgeable member.  Her suggestion would be a Past President, someone who has knowledge of the operation of the auxiliary, someone who attends meetings and most importantly someone who is unbiased and fair.  And someone who can read and understand your bylaws.

The auxiliary bylaws listed on her report are due before the 2015 Dept. Convention.  Please use the cover sheet in the SEC Packet when submitting your bylaws.

Also, in the SEC packets is an updated copy of Article XII Discipline on the procedures for Grievances and Appeals.  There are only 2 changes for those who already have a copy.  Section 1-C and Section 2-A.  (PDP Gloria Jasinski will be going over Discipline during training).

The Bylaws Committee consisted on PDP Gloria Jasinski, Sheila Haywood, Sherry Marecek, Dee Baggett, Donnajeanne Hakler.  These are the ladies who assist me in keeping our bylaws current.  Pres. Powers was also in attendance, along with 3 guests: Barbara Branch, Jerri Devoll and Holly Manson, local member from Aux. #78.  PNP Kee also thanked everyone for approving the 2 new standing rules which she will include in her next report.

President Powers stated that there was a blue bucket at the back of the room near the coolers – it is not for trash, it is for questions that you may have for the PDP’s at training.  If you have any questions for the PDP’s and don’t want to ask them yourself, put them in the bucket and they will be addressed during this afternoon’s training session.

President Powers reminded everyone that there were a few changes to the agenda.  Look on pg. 4 – School of Instruction is scheduled for 2 p.m. in this ballroom.  SEC Council will be at 1 p.m. in Salon 16 and the Presidents’ Council is also scheduled for 1 p.m. in Grand Ballroom B.  School of Instruction will be casual dress, keeping in mind – no shorts.

Benediction was given by Chaplain Jerri Devoll and respect to the Colors led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson.  Meeting was recessed until Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

President Powers reconvened the meeting at 8:30 a.m.  Invocation by Chaplain Jerri Devoll, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson.

Roll call was given by Doe Seals, Recording Secretary.

President Powers thanked the Gaveliers for holding the School of Instruction.  You are all very much appreciated.  She then asked the members if they enjoyed the candy this week-end.  Thanks to Sgt. At Arms.  If you like it, please contribute to the talking cup when the Sgt. At Arms “hits you up” for talking.  President Powers also stated we need to have a membership application with us or there will be a $1.00 fine.

President Powers said that on Saturday, the Sgt. At Arms passed around an envelope for the Carillon Bell Tower at Lake Worth and that she had said she’d match what was collected dollar for dollar.  (We collected $235).  The President was interrupted by several Gaveliers and PDP Baggett moved that the Auxiliary membership at this meeting NOT accept Madam President’s request to match her special project of the Carillon Bell Tower donations collected on Saturday, but instead the Gaveliers will match what was collected on Saturday toward her project for a total of $235.  2nd by PDP Donnajeanne Hakler.  Motion carried.  (bringing this week-end’s donation to $470).

Americanism Officer – Cathy Carroll A brief update on the Poster and Essay Contest “What Does Freedom Look Like?”  Hard deadline for entries it January 15th and must be mailed to: Luther Davidson, AMVETS Americanism Officer, 912 Ginger Tree Place, Port Orange, FL 32127.

3rd Vice President – Meltonia Presley Please bring pull tabs to the February SEC as the Jr. AMVETS will be visiting the Ronald McDonald House in Orlando.  Thanks to the auxiliary that brought a bagful this morning.  Thanks to you we are off to a great start – and they have already done their service report.

Credentials – Sandy Polite Please note that the Pre-Registration form is at the back of the book on pg. 75.   Deadline for pre-registration is January 24th for the February SEC.  If your registration is not post-marked 2 days prior to the deadline – it will be returned to you.  Anything after the deadline will also be returned to you and you will pay on-site registration.  On-Site registration means you are not guaranteed a book.  Please keep that in mind!  Sandy thanked Tammy Allen and Debbie Beck for their help this week-end.  Registration included 24 officers, 127 pre-registered, 20 on-site and 9 no shows, for a total of 147.  There was $55 in late fees for a total of $1,633, plus $3.00 for 3 members saying “post”.

Gaveliers Report – PDP Dee Baggett The Gaveliers are your advisory committee and we were very happy to see so many of you enjoy the training yesterday.  She asked how everyone like the time change of the session.  She thought it worked out well, without being rushed. The Gaveliers met at lunch on Saturday with 7 PDP’s in attendance.  She announced that some auxiliaries keep their Forecast from year-to-year to plan ahead and in February the Forecast for 2015 will be distributed and that the Dyann Edwards award will be dropped from the Forecast.  The Gaveliers reminded all Dept. Officers and Chairs that they need to be working on the Policy and Procedures book and needs to be turned in to the Dept. Parliamentarian as soon as possible.  A brief explanation of what transpired this morning re: the Carillon Bell Tower collection money that the Gaveliers matched.  Our Dept. President does for all of us officers, personally, and quite a few auxiliaries here today have called her with problems and she has taken out of her own pocket to help you.  She bends over backwards all the time for us and the Gaveliers were not going to let her do that today.  Madam President, we thank you for all you do for us.  At this time, the Gaveliers do have one recommendation.  PDP Baggett stated that the Gaveliers recommended that a Gavelier or possibly two be in attendance at every SEC and Presidents’ Council meeting, who is not a member on that committee.  PDP Dee Baggett moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by PDP Donnajeanne Hakler.   PDP Baggett stated that their reasoning is that as advisory councils, the Gaveliers would like to be available to answer your questions.  There are some Gaveliers who are part of the SEC or Presidents’ Council, but by being present, they can help in any way they can and you could have the information right there or as quickly as possible.  PNP Kee also stated that they did not want mis-information going back to the locals.  You can still hold your own meetings, they will not be there to tell you what to do – but will be available for advice if needed.  Motion carried.

Executive Secretary – Linda Hoon Her report is on pg. 58.  Membership stands at about 3,000.  Your SEC is receiving 2 packets – one is information from the service officers, the other has forms and the membership rosters.  The green roster is the 2014 members who have not renewed.  Please check the Life roster, make any necessary changes and return to her.  Send your “early bird” renewals in ASAP.  They must be to her by next week-end in order to have the early bird stamp.

Recording Secretary – Doe Seals Her report is on pg. 59.  She requested from Madam President and the Finance Committee permission to research a new professional recorder – one that can pick up voices in a large meeting room and that won’t eat up tapes.  (She showed a torn up tape).  She stated that after research of various recorders she would submit her findings to President Powers.

Convention Chair – PDP Dee Baggett  Her report is on pg. 63.  To the past Convention Chairs who have held this job – if she didn’t thank them for all they’ve done – she does now!  The big fund-raiser for the joint convention was this week-end.  Many people helped out, but there are certain individuals or groups that she’d like to recognize that just helped just so much before and or during that you probably did not see in the hospitality room.  One is Tammy Waring, thank you so much.  The other is Aux. #1992.  No matter what she has done, they have always supported her.  She asked people to stand if either they or their auxiliary made a donation to the hospitality room – if you worked in the hospitality room – or came in and supported the hospitality room.  This is what it takes to be a successful auxiliary – all of us working together.  Thank you all!  PDP Baggett let us know that at the end of last year, we had a problem getting all of our money together – the AMVETS were changing Finance Officer, plus they were going through an audit.  Raising money for the banquet is a joint project, so the funds were allowed to roll over from last year.  There was over a $4,000 rollover, which will be added to this year’s donation and divided between the AMVETS, Auxiliary and SOA at the end of the year.

We will be having a sit-down dinner for the Convention banquet, with dinner and drink ticket to be as low as $20.  Dietary restriction dinners will be available and a child’s plate is being considered.  Great entertainment in store.  Seating will be 8 per table.  Banquet time may be moved up by ½ hr.  On the auxiliary side – she thanked Peg Morgan, Diane Rook and Eartha Melton for selling tickets all week-end.  She will be turning in $476 for the auxiliary side of the convention fund, plus $177 for today for a total of $653.

Honors and Awards – PDP Evelyn McElvin Her report is on pg. 64.  Please look for the Convention
Forecast at the February SEC and share all the information you receive – it is not your personal copy.  Remember – red, white & blue – create a patriotic mask.  REPORT – REPORT – REPORT – APPLY – APPLY – APPLY!  Get ready, get set and come be a part of our Dept. Awards Mardi Gras!

Jr. AMVETS – Debra Pate Her report is on pg. 62.  Unfortunately, no one attended her Jr. AMVETS meeting on Saturday, so everything must have been covered at the Gaveliers’ School of Instruction.  She publicly thanked the sponsoring Post who helped send our Juniors to the National Convention.  It was a job well done.  There were 8 Jr. delegates in attendance – Dalton, Danielle, Jayden, Jon, Kayla, Kelaiah, Maddison and Aaron.  Our Jr.’s won 2 awards:  Child Welfare Award won by Post #30, and Dalton Hancock, Post #26 won Jr. AMVET of the Year.  Special thanks to her “Warrior Moms”  Fran, Cyndi and Jackie.  “You are Special Ladies!”

Grievance Committee – PDP Lucille Henson  Excused – no report.

Appeals Committee – PDP Gloria Jasinski  She’s happy to report all the ladies seem to be behaving.  Since there have been no grievances, she had no appeals.

PRO – Jill Holstein Her report is on pg. 61.  Even though we don’t have a campfire, which we might need, we are beginning to tell stories.  Four sets of photos came in over the last 4 months and 5 members showed up on Saturday for our meeting and they all worked together.  Remember, even someone who does not attend meeting can help you tell your story.  See if they’d like to take pictures.  Call, e-mail or text her if you need help.  She can walk you through the process.  Let’s work together!

Presidents’ Council – Beverly Munoz There were 33 in attendance.  They discussed various projects to help veterans, children and the community at large.  Collect grocery bags (Going Green project) Used postage stamps (Child Welfare) Pill Bottles (Dr.’s Without Borders) food drives, yard sales, clothing drives, jackets for kids, backpacks with food items for the week-end (Child Welfare) and sponsoring breakfast and lunch for low income children.  They had a very productive meeting.

SEC Council – Jerri Devoll  They met on Saturday with 28 SEC’s, 4 Alternates and 5 Guests.  They were happy to see Alt. SEC Becky Coupe, who had been absent due to illness.  They felt lucky to have PDP’s Evelyn McElvin and Trudy Wood in attendance and thanked them for their words of wisdom.  The SEC members did request that a larger meeting room be provided to accommodate all the attendees.  They had a productive question and answer session and all liked the schedule change.  They felt more relaxed and were able to make it to the School of Instruction with no problem.

PDP Charlene Kee asked for a show of hands to see if anyone would be interested in the Training Committee holding a session re: “So You Want To Be A Dept. Officer”.

Fisher House Representative – Darlene Linnell Her report is on pg. 67.  The holidays are coming! And with so many of our veterans hospitalized, many of their family members will be staying at a Fisher House.  Please volunteer and visit a Fisher House near you, visit with those who are away from home.

Bushnell Cemetery Representative – Claudia Thompson Her report is on pg. 66.

Sgt. At Arms – Claudia Thompson Her report is on pg. 44.  There is a flier in your packets sharing information with local Sgt. At Arms re: proper Flag protocol and uniforms.  When the Flag is in motion the Flag should be saluted for 6 paces before and after the Flag has passed.  Also please make sure you have your name badges when coming into the meeting room.  $104.26 was the total collected this week-end.

VAVS Representative – Bay Pines – Janet Northcutt Her report is on pg. 68.  She still needs volunteers at Bay Pines and a deputy.  If you are interested and can volunteer, please contact her.

VAVS Representative – James Haley – Tammy Waring Her report is on pg. 69.  She thanked Pres. Powers for her appointment and knows she has some super shoes to fill – following Becky Coupe who did such an awesome job!

VAVS Representative – Orlando – Eartha Melton  Pres. Powers introduced Eartha as the new VAVS Representative for Orlando.

Quartermaster – Joy Nekola Her report is on pg. 50.  Revenue: Friday – $1,670 – Saturday – $2,586.17 for a total of $4,256.17 for the week-end.  Thank you all for your support. She also thanked the ladies of Aux. #422 and especially Pat Orr who helped as her assistant.

Please change her e-mail address to: xpectations4u2@ATT.Net

Ways & Means – Dee Norman Her report is on pg. 65. Thanks to everyone for supporting her projects and to everyone who helped.  We made $487 on the silent auction and $194 on the Flag raffle for a total of $681 this week-end.

New Business:  None

Announcements:  PDP Dee Baggett said they found an earring with the back on it in the hospitality room.  If it belongs to you, she has it.  Her name and number are in the book – give her a call.

NEC/PDP Mary Lou Maslo reminded everyone that the National President would be here in February.  It would be nice if you could bring her a card or a love gift when attending her reception.

President Powers stated she has information for Pigeon Forge if you are interested.

Having no further business, Chaplain Jerri Devoll gave the Benediction.  Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson extinguished the candles, closed the Bible and led in retiring the Colors.

Madam President Powers adjourned the SEC and wished everyone a safe trip home.

Respectfully Submitted:                                                 Approved:

Doe Seals, Recording Secretary                          Karen Powers, President







                                                                                 Department Officers                                         Room Number10/31                11/1                    11/2
PresidentKaren Powers18521852P
1st Vice PresidentSheila Haywood203203P
2nd Vice PresidentSharon Marecek338338P
3rd Vice PresidentMeltonia Presley307307P
TreasurerDonnajeanne Hakler21012101P
Americanism OfficerCatherine Carroll502502P
Hospital OfficerBarbara Branch302302P
Scholarship Officer Margaret Sousa14071407P
ChaplainJerri Devoll308308P
Sgt At ArmsClaudia Thompson304304P
N.E.C.PDP Mary Lou Maslo21012101P
Alt. N.E.C.PDP Gloria Jasinski207207P
ParliamentarianPNP Charlene Kee18601860P
 Committee And Council Chairmen
Executive SecretaryLinda Hoon310310P
SecretaryDoe Seals341341P
QuartermasterJoy Nekola403403P
P.R.O.Jillanna Holstein222222P
Jr. Amvets CoordinatorDebra Pate20342034P
Convention ChairmanPDP Dolores “Dee” Baggett20562056P
Awards ChairmanPDP Evelyn Mcelvin702702P
Credentials ChairmanSandy Polite839PP
Grievance Committee ChairPDP Lucille HensonEEE
Appeals Board ChairmanPDP  Gloria Jasinski207207P
Ways & Means ChairmanDee Norman19031903P
President Council Chairman *Beverly MunozP219P
S.E.C. Council Chairman *Jerri Devoll308308P
Bushnell Cemetery Rep Claudia Thompson304304P
Fisher House Representative Darlene Linnell515515P
VAVS RepresentativeTamara Waring19481948P
VAVS  RepresentativeJanet Northcutt—-PP
VAVS RepresentativeEartha Melton322322P
 Deputy VAVS
Deputy VAVS *Carole AhmadEEE
Deputy VAVS *Dee Alexander—-—-—-
Deputy VAVS *Frances RoseEEE
Deputy VAVS *Carrie PresleyE E P
Deputy VAVS *Ruth Tutton
Deputy VAVS *Judy Sauersresignedresigned
Past National President
Charlene D. Kee(Aux. #30)  2008-200918601860P
October 2014 SEC
Past Department PresidentsRoom  Number
Delia Ray(Aux. #30) 1976-1978InactiveinactiveInactive
Ruby Coker Daniel(Mal) 1978-1979InactiveInactiveInactive
Trudy Wood(Aux. #9) 1978-1979 (Me)306306P
Ruth Citty(Aux. #50) 1980-1981Inactive InactiveInactive
Lucille Henson(Aux. #30) 1984-1986EEE
Dorothy (Weaver) Johns(Aux. #1) 1988-1989 (In 78-80)501501P
Gloria Jasinski(Aux. #9) 1989-1991207207P
Charlene Kee(Aux. #30) 1993-199518601860P
Evelyn McElvin(Aux. #30) 1995-1996702702P
Dyann Edwards(Aux. #18) 2001-2002INACTIVEINACTIVEINACTIVE
Bobbie Mcroberts(Aux. #1992) 2004-2006InactiveInactiveInactive
Estrella Young(Aux. #17) 2006-2008EEE
Mary Lou Maslo(Aux. #8) 2008-200921012101P
Dolores Baggett(Aux. #1992) 2009-201120562056P
Donnajeanne Hakler(Aux # 8) 2011-201321012101P
District Presidents
District IIMeltonia Presley307307P
District IIIDamaris Gonzalez—-1925P
District VITONIA BLAUVELT1664 1664 P
Aux #Local PresidentsRoom Number
0001 St. PetersburgDebra White
0002  EdgewaterPat Bice
0004  TampaLois EisemmanPPP
0007  ChipleySherri Yelvington
0008  St. PetersburgMary Lou Maslo21012101P
0009  OdessaMary Holmes803803P
0012  PensacolaBeverly MunozP219P
0013  DelandPaula HeinrichEEE
0014  Hobe SoundLinda Maston638P
0015  Fort PierceSheila Haywood203203P
0016  HudsonLinda Petersilge312P
0017  SanfordEartha Melton322322P
0018  EatonvilleDyann EdwardsINACTIVE
0019  Orange LakePatricia Macallister
0021  SebringBonnie BerdelleEEE
0023  NaplesMarcene MacneillPPP
0026  ValricoSusan Barker2002002P
0029  Destin
0030  OrlandoDebra Pate20342034P
0032  LakelandBarbara Foster15111511P
0033  St CloudBrenda BreakerP
0034  Palm BayHelen Fenocchi—-
0035  CrestviewAnna Skelton12501250P
0042  ChieflandClara Hess
0044  BrandonLee Hutchinson527527E
0045  St. Augustinenot in good standing
0047  Panama City BeachDebby Garwood
0050  N. Fort MyersRamona MourhessOctober 2014 SECPE
0059  Palm CoastNot Revalidated-By-Laws
0060  ArcadiaDorothy Wise1701
0067  ClearwaterJill Norwick
0078  ValparaisoJillanna Holstein222222P
0081  N. Fort MyersTonia Blauvelt16641664P
0086  Keystone HeightsUrsula Wida
0088  BronsonSharon Sheldon18291829P
0092  Jensen BeachEdith Seely401401P
0098  Holidaypatty Perkins1855
0100  Daytona BeachPharistine Hampton849849P
0113  BunnellRobyn Lento
0178  Defuniak Springsnot in good standingEEE
0200  OkeechobeeNot Revalidated–By-laws
0231  FountainDebbie Mayo
0292  Pensacolamari Mills917917P
0301  EllentonAudrey Moore510P
0312  North PortMargaret Sousa14071407P
0422  Fanning SpringsWendy Luzader344P
0444  WillistonDi Anna Linnell515515P
0550  ZephyrhillsKaren Debolt
0893  RockledgeAmy Paulin
0911  Port OrangeRosemarie Sutter
1208  Salt SpringsLinda Fuller
1219  TampaErika Martin
1292  MiltonFrances RoseEEE
1939  Deerfield BeachLauren McGlynn
1992  Mount DoraAngela Deese1763P
1999  Port CharlotteJoan Jacobson
2000  Warm Mineral SpringsJoanne Scales Borowy325325P
2001  Okeechobee   not in good standing
2006  LeesburgJudy Cassidy601601P
2298  Panama CityMarie Bradford
7467  Pinellas ParkBetty Swan205P
Aux #Local S.E.C. WomenRoom Number
0001  St. PetersburgDorothy Johns501501E
0002  EdgewaterMary Pat Dean850
0004  TampaEarlene WhiddenP P P
0007  ChipleyBonnie Deeken
0008  St. PetersburgPatricia Zaykowski407407P
0009  OdessaTrudy Wood306306P
0012  PensacolaDebbie Mengle
0013  DelandLinda Blake
0014  Hobe SoundHelen Evans1036P
0015  Fort PiercePatti MusicEEE
0017  SanfordEstrella YoungEEE
0018  EatonvilleErnestine Ingram
0019  Orange LakeCathy ThackerOctober 2014 SEC
0021  SebringSandra Stevens12011201P
0023  NaplesGinger DownsPPP
0026  ValricoSusan Johnson1507P
0029  Destinnot in good standing
0030  OrlandoEvelyn Mcelvin702702P
0032  LakelandRuth Atwood315315P
0033  St CloudCatherine SincerboxP
0034 Palm BayJackie McAdams
0035  CrestviewJerri Devoll308308P
0042  ChieflandNancy Philips
0044  BrandonDebra Lloyd408408P
0045  St. Augustinenot in good standing
0047  Panama City Beachkathleen  Mentzer
0050  N. Fort MyersGlenda Eller
0059  Palm CoastNot Revalidated—By-Laws
0060  ArcadiaSherry Miraldi16531653P
0067  ClearwaterClaire Lawson
0078  ValparaisoDee Norman19031903P
0081  N. Fort MyersDebbie Beck16641664P
0086  Keystone HeightsDebbie Ellingham22162216P
0088  Bronsoncharlotte dunford18291829P
0092  Jensen BeachLinda Powell
0098  Holidaymary lou groyon1853
0100  Daytona BeachIDA ISLES16361636P
0113  BunnellArlene Firth
0178  Defuniak Springsnot in good standing
0200  OkeechobeeNot revalidated—Bylaws
0231  FountainLola Teeter24172417P
0292  PensacolaMary Burrell917P
0301  EllentonKimberly Copeland508P
0312  North PortElizabeth Labossiere1409P
0422  Fanning Springsteresa ingram344P
0444  WillistonDarlene  Linnell515515P
0447  InglisBERTHA CASSADY505P
0550  ZephyrhillsJane Birk
0893  RockledgeCecilia HendersonPP
0911  Port OrangeFran Doggett305P
1208  Salt SpringsValerie Howsare
1219  TampaDaphne Lopez
1292  MiltonJuanita Scheffner
1939  Deerfield BeachKaye Sodenkamp  
1999  Port CharlotteElsie Bushor
2000  Warm Mineral SpringsRegina Sheets
2001  Okeechobee   not in good standing
2006  LeesburgClaudia Thompson304304P
2298  Panama CityVirginia Bragg
7467  Pinellas ParkTammy AllenPP
9987  AstorADELE WARD


February SEC, Feb. 12-15, 2015

Dates & Amounts may be subject to change.

Rosen Centre

9840 International Drive

Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: 407-996-9840 or 1-800-800-9840

Rate: $109.00






                                                            Service reports

                                                                Credentials              deadline to be             SEC/CONV.

Function                      Hot Line          Pre-Registration        included  in the book      Book______


Feb. 2015 SEC           12-14-14                1-24-15                      1-10-15 **                 1-24-15

**        Report status guaranteed to appear in service officers’ reports for the book


Articles for the Hot Line are sent to Dept. President (Dept. Officers only)

Please note that the February S.E.C. book & the June Convention book contain

Dept. Officers, VAVS Representatives, Local & District Presidents



UPCOMING SEC’s & LOCATION (subject to change)


February 2015 SEC                          Feb. 12-15, 2015        Rosen Center, Orlando         $109.00

June 2015 Convention                      Jun. 11-14, 2015        Rosen Center, Orlando         $109.00

October 2015 SEC                            Oct. 29-01, 2015         Rosen Center, Orlando         $109.00









Robert Barker

509 Hickory Lake Drive

Brandon, Fl 33511

home: 813-541-1340

e-mail: amvetsnewsfl@gmail.com





February SEC – February 12-15, 2015


Pre-Registration:  $10.00                                                                    Deadline:  1-24-15





Mail to:  Sandy Polite, Credentials Chairman

2816-5 Sterling Crest Ln.           Orlando, FL  32818

Telephone #:  407-222-2109                                                  e-mail: marzettaboobear@aol.com


Auxiliary #:  _______________  Location: _________________________________________________


Person Reporting:  ______________________________________Phone #:_______________________


E-mail:  ______________________________________________ Amount Enclosed:________________



Direction:  (1) Please print     (2) Only list officers and members attending the SEC    (3)Only the President and SEC vote at SEC meetings.  All other members attending are listed under members.

(4) Check the box if this is the member’s first state meeting


Only Elected/Appointed Department Officers and PDP’s paid for by Department


___________________________________              ___________________________________


___________________________________              ___________________________________


___________________________________              ___________________________________



President:        _________________________________     SEC: _______________________________


Alt. SEC:         _________________________________




_________________________________________             _____________________________________


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_________________________________________             _____________________________________



Honorary Member/Guest – (NO VOTE):


_______________________________________                ________________________________