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Friday, October 27, 2017 Opening Session

President Sherry Marecek called the meeting to order. Chaplain Becky Coupe gave the invocation.
Sgt. At  Arms Claudia Thompson led in the Presentation of Colors and the Pledge of Allegiance.
Preamble was read by 1st Vice Meltonia Presley, Aims & Purposes by 2nd Vice Debbie Beck, Code of Ethics read by 3rd Vice President PNP Patty Piening and Definition of Americanism by Holly Burbach, Americanism Officer.

Welcome to the October 2017 SEC by President Sherry Marecek. She thanked everyone for attending this session and will keep it short.
Roll call was given by Susan Leverone, Recording Secretary.
President Marecek asked for the following adjustments to the Agenda: Page 3 Officers  Reports, Department Delegate will move under Alt. NEC and on Page 4 between Recording Secretary and Convention Chair, insert Past Convention Chair. 1st Vice Meltonia Presley moved to accept these changes. Seconded by 2nd  Vice Debbie Beck.  Motion carried.

Announcements: PDP Delores “Dee” Baggett stated the questionnaires for tomorrow’s School of Instructions are on the water table.  Fill out your questions and put in the blue box.  Please bring your Dept. Bylaws.

Pres. Marecek stated the Quartermaster will be open on Saturday for 1 hour only after the end of the session. The Quarter Auction will be tomorrow night and paddles will be sold at 6:30 PM; games begin at 7 PM.

PDP Sheila Haywood reminded all that the Gavelier’s are selling 50/50 scratch off Tickets.
Benediction was given by Chaplain Becky Coupe and Respect to the Colors was led by Sgt. At Arms
Claudia Thompson.  Meeting was recessed until Saturday at 8:30 AM.

Saturday, October 28, 2017.
President Sherry Marecek reconvened SEC meeting at 8:30 AM followed by Invocation by Chaplain Becky
Coupe and Pledge led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson. President Marecek draped the charter for our
dear friend and Auxiliary member 2nd Vice Barbara Branch.  Prayers conducted by Chaplain Becky
Guest: Riders Dept. President Robert Wills was escorted to the podium.  He thanked all of us for our hard  work and support and if there is anything the Riders can do for us, just ask. He then explained the Riders Walking Cane Program. The canes are free, just fill out an application on line or contact the one of the Riders for a cane.

Roll call was given by Susan Leverone, Recording Secretary.
Minutes of the June 2017 State Convention were read by Susan Leverone, Recording Secretary. She then explained that the Minutes were emailed out and that only the motions would be read. Motion by PNP Parliamentarian Charlene Kee to accept the Minutes as read. 2nd by PNP Evelyn McElvin.  Motion carried.

Correspondence: Recording Secretary read Thank You cards from St. Jude’s Ranch for our gift of $4,700.66, Gainesville Fisher House donation of $1,418.00, Ronald McDonald House of Central Florida for donation of $1,525.00, Ronald McDonald House of North Central Florida for donation of $560.00, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southwest Florida for donation of $2,655.00, Make A Wish of Central and Northern Florida for donation of $910.00, James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital for donation of $1,200.00, IRSC Foundation for donation of $900.00. A Thank You card was received from the family of Barbara Branch, PNP Evelyn McElvins’s family for William A. Robinson, Sr., and Debbie Beck for Mark Smith for our thoughts and prayers. A Thank You from PDP Delores “Dee” Baggett for the Dept.’s support in electing her National  2nd  Vice President and asked for our support as she seeks the office of National 1st Vice President. Motion by PNP Charlene Kee to support PNP Delores “Dee” Baggett for the office of 1st Vice President at the National Convention in August 2018.  2nd  by PDP Karen Powers.  Motion Carried. E-Board Recommendations: 1. From the Officers Training, July 12, 2017 that we accept Madam President’s spread sheet as a report card of the officers’ accountability. PNP Charlene Kee moved that we accept the recommendation. 2nd by 1st Vice Meltonia Presley. Motion carried.

2. From the E-Board Meeting of yesterday to sell Freedom Foundation pins for $5.00 each outside the meeting room with the proceeds to go to the Martha Washington Award for the Department of Florida. 1ST Vice Meltonia Presley moved to accept this recommendation.  2nd by 2nd Vice Debbie Beck.  Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report-PDP Karen Powers. Her report is on pages 9-18. She thanked PDP Donnajeanne Hakler for stepping in to Barbara Branch’s place. The Finance Committee now consists of Karen Powers, Meltonia Presley, Debbie Beck and PDP Donnajeanne Hakler. The CD’s 1837 and 1866 that matured before our SEC of October, 2017 were allowed to roll over because we were not going to get a better rate. Please make the following changes to the Balance Sheet (pg. 18) the new maturity date to 10/7/17 for these CD’s. The Bank scanner was approved and the line item is under Headquarters and we began paying for that in September. PDP Karen Powers moved to accept the Proposed Budget as printed. 2nd by PDP Donnajeanne Hakler. Motion carried.
Audit Committee Report 1st Vice Meltonia Presley.
The Audit Committee met on Thursday at 4:30 PM. The books of both the Treasurer and Executive Secretary were in order. She thanked PDP Donnajeanne Hakler and Debbie Beck for serving on this committee with her.
Presentation of 1st Timers. PDP Karen Powers welcomed the 1st Timers and asked them to line up at the back of the room. There were 11 attendees that included: Aux. #44 – Laura Alberta, Lori McMillion and Rhonda Westerling; Aux. #50 – Ellen Deere; Aux. #60 – April Higgins; Aux. #67 –Kathy Trunk; Aux. #86 – Frances Metz; Aux.#98 – Dawn Zackera ; Aux. #301 – Theresa S. Cobb and Sandi Gresham; Aux. #444 – Reta Newton.
President Sherry Marecek. Her Report is on pages 19-20. Please read her report. She welcomed all the 1st Timers. She thanked Mari Mills of Aux. 292 for the beautiful new table markers.  Her  theme this year  is  “Reach for the Stars”, if you can think it, you can do it. Her project this year is “Florida’s Sheriffs Youth Ranch- Safety Harbor”. The purpose of the ranch is to keep sibling groups
from being separated after being removed from parents or guardians. She asked for all our help with this project and reminded us that this is a Child Welfare program and can be claimed on the Service Reports. She thanked all the Auxiliaries that have already donated to this project. President Marecek said that we lost a very dear friend, Barbara Branch, and because she was an officer, her position has been filled. By a unanimous vote of the E-Board, I wish to congratulate Debbie Beck as our new 2nd Vice President and PNP Patty Piening as 3rd Vice President.

The School of Instruction will begin at 1:00 PM this afternoon and bring your Manual and questions. Tonight is the Quarter Auction in this room.  It starts at 7:00 PM but paddles can be purchased at 6:30 PM.   She thanked everyone for their confidence in her and she hopes to serve you to the best of her ability and will do the best she can.
Ist Vice – Meltonia Presley. Her report is on pgs. 21-24. Please read it. Her theme is “Membership means success” (M&M’s). She has included in each packet a small bag of M&M’s stapled to her letter for the Membership Chair. An African proverb states “It Takes a Village to Raise A Child”. I would say Membership means success with you, you, you and me! So reach out and grab a new member. Without new members we will fade away.
2nd Vice – Debbie Beck.  She thanked Madam President for her appointment.  She will do all that she can in  her new position. Her theme this year is “Children the Stars of Our Future”. She is looking forward to working with everyone. She did not have a packet but has some information to share. First remember to support Madam President’s project the Florida’s Sheriff’s Youth Ranch. My project
this year for Child Welfare is the John Tracy Clinic. You can go to our website and find the link to their website to donate and learn more about them. There is also the AADA contest that she will learn more about this afternoon and bring  back  information tomorrow. Please report everything you do and reports are due by November 5, 2017 for mid- year.
3rd Vice - PNP Patty Piening. She said that Debbie’s report is on page 28. There is information in the packets  on PAWS, Ronald McDonald House and Fisher House and some fund raising ideas.  Please take the time to read them and share them. The deadline is November 5th for reports and that means in her hand, not postmarked. She thanked Madam President and PNP Parliamentarian Charlene Kee for her appointment and the trust they have in her to serve the members of Florida. She also made a correction to her address; add South to the end of her street name.

NEC Woman – PDP Sheila Haywood Her report is on pgs. 31-32. Please read at your leisure. She announced that Florida is the Dept. Of The Year and received a check for $75.00 and Dee Baggett is the Auxiliary Woman of the Year. Membership Awards; Florida has 2 new auxiliaries, we won Largest Percentage of Renewals as of December 31st Class D Award and received a $250 check. Individual Memberships Awards; the Emerald Pin  was for signing up 10 new members and went to Betty Caswell and Eddy May, Aux. 1992; the Garnet Pin for singing up 11 new members went to Linetta Shilling & Josi Kosmala , Aux 1992. Child Welfare:  John Tracy  Clinic Award (local) PNP Delia Kreiling-Riley Award: Runner up Florida, Aux. #8. Outstanding  Local  Participation in a Sponsored Blood Drive: Florida Aux. #8. Scholarship:   PNP Charlene Kee Award: Florida 3 $25.00. Americanism: PNP Patty Piening Award-Local: Runner Up – Florida Aux. 1992. Individual Americanism Award: (Outstanding Individual) Winner: Mary Conley Aux. #1992, Runner up – Patricia Zaykowski Aux. #8.

Guest Dept. SOA Commander Mick Ciesla was escorted to the podium. He thanked Madam President for allowing him to address our membership and congratulated us for being the Dept. Of The Year.  He told us  that the Sons were Dept. Of the Year also. He explained their project is Socks. Project Socks will be an effort between the Squadrons’ across the state to raise funds and/or socks (they want 10,000 pr,) to be given to veterans at the VA’s, state run Veteran facilities, at stand downs, homeless vets and local Posts. The socks will give the vets a better quality of life.

Alt. NEC Women –PDP Donnajeanne Hakler Her report is on pg. 33.  Please read it at your leisure.    She gave  a “Welcome Home” to PNP Evelyn McElvin and congratulated the Dept. of Florida for being the Dept. Of The Year and to Dee Baggett for National Auxiliary Member of the Year. She asked that  we  pay  particular attention to the percentages on page 33 to what our donations at the dept. were and said no wonder Florida rocks!  See how well we did compared to the Nation. National Convention Delegate Report - President Sherry Marecek Her report is on pgs. 45 – 53.  Please read  it; it has a lot of information. The Resolution that Florida submitted was turned down by the By Laws Committee, however after much discussion by the committee, it was decided that we could take it to our  Dept. to be dealt with as such. There is an increase in the MAL annual membership dues from $20 to $25 and takes effect immediately. She congratulated PDP Sheila Haywood’s leadership which got us the Department  Of The Year Award from National. She said to PNP Evelyn McElvin that Florida was so proud of her; she did an awesome job “Rocking the Nation”. 
Welcome home. Congratulations to PDP Baggett to her election to National 2nd Vice President,

PNP Charlene Kee for being the 2018 National Convention Chair
Fran McGurk for being appointed as National Jr. AMVETS Coordinator.

Chaplain – Becky Coupe  Her report is on pgs. 34 -35.  Her theme this year is “We Owe Everything to God”.  She reminded all the local auxiliaries to send in the Deceased Member Notification as quickly as possible and that you send 3 copies to her, 2 copies to Jerri Devoll, Executive Secretary and retain 1 for your local. Please make sure to get the correct information when completing the “Next Of Kin”.

Hospital Officer – Linetta Shilling Her report is on Pg. 36. Please read it at your leisure.  She has included a lot of information in her packet and an especially interesting one on the history of St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital and its founder, Danny Thomas. Please pass on all this information on the various hospital programs. Make sure when filling out your Service Reports for hospital that it is for a veteran not one of your auxiliary members.
Americanism Officer – Holly Burbach Her report is on pgs. 39-41. Please read it at your leisure. There is a correction to the stat sheet in the book on pg. 40; the figures that are in Aux. #12, should be in Aux. # 8. She apologized to Madam President and Auxiliary #8 members for the over site. The totals are still the same. Her theme this year is Stars and Stripes Forever. She would
like to see 100% reporting in Americanism this year  and if that happens, she will have a little something for each Auxiliary in June. Don’t forget about our Americanism essay, poster and flag coloring contest. Mid-year reports are due in her hands by November 5th.

Scholarship Officer – Jan Northcutt. Her report is on pgs. 42-44. She thanked everyone for electing her our Scholarship Officer for the Dept. and said what a privilege and honor it is. Her theme this year is Don’t “Cutt” Corners  on  our  future  Stars.    She  has  included  in  the  SEC  packets  information  on  Dept.  and  National 4 Scholarships and hopes this will make it easier for you to encourage our youths in applying. Follow the guidelines and include all requested information.

Parliamentarian – PNP Charlene Kee Her report is on Pg. 54. At the bottom of that pg. is a list of Auxiliaries that have Bylaws due before the 2018 Department Convention. Auxiliary #2’s Bylaws have been received so you can draw a line through that Auxiliary. Thank you. Please call her if you have any questions. The

Bylaws Committee met yesterday and the Committee consists of the immediate past Parliamentarian PDP Gloria Jasinski, President and Ex offico, Sherry Marecek, members Meltonia Presley, PDP Donnajeanne Hakler, PDP Dee Baggett, NEC/PDP Sheila Haywood and Debbie Beck. At the meeting we talked about the Districts will  take turns according to numerical order and bring in items to raffle for the Department. District XVI has already done that so we would like to add the remaining of the Standing Rules to our Bylaws.
# 2. The Executive Secretary shall provide the President at the Department Convention a complete book of all local and department revalidations forms. This is so that she could give this book of auxiliaries that have not  been revalidated to the Credential Chairman for them to be registered as guests. Then the book will be given back to the Department President.
#3. Once a member is signed out by the “FROM” Auxiliary, they have the option to reclaim or decline said member if that transferring member is rejected by the “TO” Auxiliary.  If the transferring member is declined from both the new Auxiliary and her old Auxiliary, she shall re-apply or become a Member at Large (MAL) or transfer to another Auxiliary.

#4. Article IX Duties of Officer and Chairs, Section 7. The Executive Secretary: She shall e-mail all SEC’s Women the minutes unless a hard copy is requested in writing.
#5. Article XVII Department Convention ( c ) 1 This is already written in our Bylaws: A copy of all IRS forms shall be submitted to the Executive Secretary no later than September 15. Add in Standing Rules: unless your auxiliary is required to file a long form.
I, Parliamentarian Charlene Kee move to accept the standing rules 2-5 to be included with our Dept. Bylaws. Second by NEC/PDP Sheila Haywood,  Motion carried. Parliamentarian Charlene Kee said the standing rule she just read will be typed and e-mailed to
those SEC Women and Officers and will also be included in the next Bylaws meeting that will be in February . 

Announcements: Parliamentarian Kee said the National Convention will be in Orlando at the Caribe Royal Hotel off of International Drive in the Lake Bona Vista area. The rooms come with microwaves and refrigerators. All room are suites and they come with 2 queen beds or king bed. The kings are already gone. Rates are $122.62 (including taxes). Upgrade suite is $145.00; the only difference is there is a desk in the  suite. The Villa’s include a king and 2 queen beds, a washer & dryer and a patio or balcony. Price $235.12. There are 3 towers and 2 villas and a lot of walking. There is a walk way to the convention center; not covered so hope there’s no rain. The hospitality rooms are in the villas’.  There are 6 restaurants in the hotel. President Marecek reminded us that the Quartermaster is opened today for 1 hour after the school of instruction.  The Quartermaster will be closed after that for inventory.
Benediction was given by Chaplain Becky Coupe and respect to the Colors led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson.  Meeting recessed until Sunday at 8:30 AM. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017
President Marecek reconvened the meeting at 8:30 AM. Invocation by Chaplain Becky Coupe, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson. President Marecek addressed cell phones during sessions. Game playing or texting is very
disrupting, rude and disrespectful to the officers and members and there will be a fine. So ladies, put your cell phone away.
Roll call was given by Susan Leverone, Recording Secretary.
Credentials Chair – Doe Seals Her report is on pg. 55. She thanked Madam President for the appointment as Credential Chair. The co-workers that she had; Christina Albright, Kathie Mannix and Ramona Mourhess are a great working combo. There were 126 pre-registered which included 24 PNP’s/PDP’s and Dept. Officers. 11 registered on site and 24 no-shows. She turned in $1,265 and she
reminded us to please pre-register. It is the pre-registration count that is used for printing the books.
Gavelier’s Report – PDP Karen , Gavelier’s President. They met yesterday afternoon in Madam President’s room and had 9 PDP’s present. She thanked Madam President for providing  lunch.  They understand there may have been some Presidents or SEC’s who know they had perfect attendance last year and were entitled to the Gavelier’s Award but did not receive it at the June Convention. If
so, please see PDP Donnajeanne Hakler. Please remember all Presidents and SEC’s are responsible to sign in at their meetings so that they can be counted. The President of those meetings are to turn a copy to her before the close of this meeting. She thanked Claudia, SEC President for turning in hers. Effective immediately, the Gavelier’s will be counting attendance at the Friday meeting and answering roll call for this award. Up to this time, they had not been considering Friday night’s roll call but they will be now for the perfect attendance award beginning February 2018 SEC Meeting.
Executive Secretary – Jerri Devoll Her report is on pg. 56.  On pg. 65 the District III President is Gail Burger.  Her address is 6735 54th Ave North #67, St. Petersburg, FL 33709, Phone number is 727-422-0927. Email is The rosters in the packets on the pink paper are for 2017 members that have not been paid yet. The white paper is the 2018 paid up members and your Life and Honorary members. Do not hold a Transfer because the date of the Transfer is not the date you accept the transfer, it’s the date it gets to Dept. On the revalidation, Membership Chairman  please  skip a line between your renewed members and your new ones. Please keep them as close to alphabetical order as you can.  The Executive Secretary stated  the totals of the score card that were in the book were for the 2018 membership. There was a question from the floor regarding the 2017 members still active until December 31st. This question will be checked into.
Recording Secretary – Susan Leverone Her report is on pg. 57. Please read it when you have time. We’ve already gone over most of what we should say when answering roll call but please speak up; it’s very hard to here at the podium.
Immediate Past Convention Chair – Dee Baggett She said that the joint Convention Committee agreed to share part of the money for one year so she deposited $1,196.12 that’s to go towards our National Convention.   Raffles and pull tabs raised $1,068 and the Patrons Page and ads raised $546 for a total of $2,810.12.  Thank you ladies for supporting our functions.
Convention Chair – Mary Lou Maslo She said she has not been able to get with the Chef this weekend to talk about a menu for the June Convention but it will be a new menu and she is trying to keep the cost to $25 or 6 less. The theme will be Beach Resort. That means no short shorts or flip flops; you can come in a nice sun  dress and sandals but no bikinis.  The 50/50 raffle made $289 and the raffle made $151 for a total of $440.
Honors and Awards Chair – PNP Evelyn McElvin Her report is on pg. 58. Madam President’s theme is “Reach for The Stars” so our awards program will be Stars on Parade - Mardi Gras Style. Everyone join in and  celebrate this year’s success. The Forecast will be given out in February and that contains everything you need to know and which forms you need for awards at Convention. Bring this back to your local and share the information with everyone. 
Junior AMVETS Coordinator – Fran McGurk She said she is so excited to work with our Juniors and thanked everyone for their support. Her report is on pg. 59. She took 5 juniors to National and 3 were elected to National offices. From #30 were Jamal Landers, P.R.O. and Aaron Hinton, Treasurer and from #26, Jovan Rosado, Sr. Vice. They came back with 5 National Awards: Ronald McDonald House, Diabetes Research, Child Abuse and St. Jude’s Research. Daniel Pate won the PNP Leah Monesterio
Memorial Award. The newest Jr. AMVETS chapter is Post 17 Sanford. The President’s project for this year is “The Spring”. The Spring is for battered women and Children and is located in Tampa.

Grievance Chairwoman – PDP Deloris “Dee” Baggett She read from the National Constitution Code of Ethics Article XII Discipline.  She said please do not let personalities get in the way of coming together and doing  what we are all here for. Canteen problems are not our concern; it is AMVETS business and we need to honor that and stay out of their business.  She has no report.
Appeals Chairwoman – PDP Gloria Jasinski.  She is happy to report that she has no report.
District XVI Reported on Ways & Means. President Sharon Sheldon thanked Natalie from #42, Diane Linnell from #444 and  Darlene Linnell from #42.   They worked  all weekend  and  did  a really good  job.   They raised $1,042.50. They also have some cookbooks left that they are selling for $5.00 each and they will donate that  to District II. District II is the next district in rotation to raise money for Department.
Presidents’ Council – Holly Burbach She reported they had 22 local Presidents, 3 guests and 2 PDP’s at the meeting. They shared a lot of good ideas; garage sales, fish fries, pig roasts, etc. Keep coming  to  the Presidents’ Council and sharing ideas, it not only helps you, it helps everyone.
SEC Council – Claudia Thompson She reported they had 37 SEC’s, 3 Alt’s and 5 guests in attendance. They explained the duties of SEC and had a question and answer session.
Bushnell Cemetery Representative – Claudia Thompson Her report is on Pg. 61. The Veterans Day Ceremony will be held at 11:00 AM on Saturday, November 11th.  Please attend if you can. 
Sgt. At Arms – Claudia Thompson Her report is on Pg. 62. She thanked Peggy Morgan, Wendy Luzader, Darlene Linnell and Cheri Fountaine for helping out this weekend. She asked Pres. Marecek what she wanted her to do with the old Aux. table signs? A Motion was made by Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson to dispose of the old Auxiliary table Markers after the June Convention. Second by 1st Vice Meltonia Presley. Motion carried. She also said that they only got $3 for chocolate; $2 was for the phone and $1 for talking. Claudia passed around the frog for candy money.
Fisher House Representative – Darlene Linnell. Her report is on Pg. 60. Please read it at your leisure. She thanked everyone for their hard work and support. It’s time to think about the upcoming holidays and your local Fisher House will have lists of what they need.
VAVS Representative – Bay Pines – Jan Northcutt She said she wrote a report but has lost it. She still need volunteers and they always need T-shirts and socks for those that are still in the hospital over the holidays. Please send your donations to the VA Voluntary Services.
Quartermaster Report – Wendy Luzader Her report is on pg. 63. She thanked the Dept. Officers for ensuring they had manuals, bylaws, constitutions and handouts so that they could do their duties. She thanked the chairs of the SEC Council and Presidents’ Council for timing their meetings so that they could do their inventories without interruption. The sales total for Friday was $1,350;
Saturday was $1,331 for a grand total  of $2,681. She thanked Ms. Marvine, Tori, Natalie and Sharon for assisting in sales and inventory. She said  they were her stars!
Guest – Dept. Commander Terry Corson was escorted to the podium. He congratulated us on being the Auxiliary of The Year and having the Auxiliary Woman of The Year and said that the Sons had more program hours than any other Dept. in the organization, as a matter of fact none came any closer than 50% of what they’ve done. That’s the Dept. of Florida. The AMVETS won some membership awards; they are leading everybody even though they are the second largest. They took Recruiters of The Year and the Membership Officer of The Year. He personally thanked the ladies Auxiliary for all the support we give them. He  talked about how all the organizations under AMVETS work together and how the Service Foundation donated $1,000 to go the Pres. Marecek’s project. He said if there was anything he can do for us, let him know.  We  are all a part of the Amvets Family.

Unfinished Business: PDP Delores “Dee” Baggett thanked everyone that attended the School of Instruction. Most of the Officers and PDP’s were stopped for questions afterwards. She also thanked all the PDP’s who gave the School of Instructions.  She thanked all who attended the Quarter Auction last night and through  their generosity, we made $784.75. The Freedom Foundations pin’s that were sold for the Dept. of Florida to reach a goal of $600 for Madam President raised $360. National Convention Chair – PNP Charlene Kee gave information on the hotel: Caribe Royale Hotel 8101 World Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL. Telephone number: 407-238-8000. The dates of the Convention are: Sunday, August 5th through Saturday, August 11, 2018. The Honors and Awards judging will be held on Monday, August 6th, Tuesday, August 7th there will be trainings and the Council NEC meetings. Wednesday, August 8th  is the Opening Session, Session 1 at 8:30 AM.
Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thompson announced that we were so generous after passing the frog she collected $151.65 for chocolate.
PDP National 2nd Vice Dee Baggett announced that she is working with Dept. 2nd Vice and that if we contact  her by e-mail she will re send what she put out in National so that you will have something for your local 2nd Vices.  Her e-mail is on pg. 64.
1st Vice President Meltonia Presley asked us all to stand up and wants us to appreciate our Madam President. Madam President got a standing ovation!
New Business: None.
Having no further business, Sgt. At Arms Claudia Thomas extinguished the candles, closed the Bible and led in retiring the Colors.  Chaplain Becky Coupe gave the Benediction. Madam President Sherry Marecek adjourned the SEC Meeting at 10:00 AM and wished everyone a safe trip home.

Respectfully Submitted:                                                               Approved:
Susan P. Leverone, Recording Secretary                                   Sherry Marecek, Presiden