Greetings! Welcome to the Department of Florida website. It’s my honor to
serve as your Department President for another year. We the officers are
here for whatever you need. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us
for any questions or concerns. Please use this website as we are updating it to
make it a useful tool for all your auxiliaries. We are working on lots of projects
that you can report on. We are hoping for 100% participation from all
the auxiliaries. Remember, we are all sisters working for the same goal; to
make the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Department of Florida continue to
grow and be the best we can be!

My theme this year is “Dare to Leap and Discover You Can Fly”.
What that means to me is that if you never take a chance you will not fully
realize what you can accomplish to live the best life you can.

This years project is Quantum Leap Farm in Odessa, Florida. Quantum Leap
Farm is a place that specializes in equine therapy, occupational therapy, mental
health services and family fun days.
They also help veterans who have PTSD. The programs at the farm
have helped many to go on and live productive lives and be part of their
communities. For more information please visit their website at:

*Dare To Leap and Discover You Can Fly*

​2022 / 2023

Debbie Beck

Department President

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