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     I am so pleased to welcome you to the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Department of Florida website.  The AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is a subordinate organization to AMVETS and we join with Sons of AMVETS, Jr. AMVETS, Riders, Sad Sacks, and Sackettes to make the AMVETS FAMILY.

            My theme this year is “Reach for the Stars”.  What I mean by this is; if you think it, you can do it!  It may take a little time and effort, but you can achieve it.  Keep setting goals for yourself – never settle – stretch to become a better you.

            My President’s Project is “Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches”.  I have chosen the Safety
Harbor Ranch because of its close proximity to me so I can be in close contact with them.  In fact, I’ve already visited the Ranch four times thus far.  More information can be found at https://youthranches.org.

            The purpose of the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranch is to keep sibling groups from being separated after being removed from their parents/guardians.  The children in this
program are ages 3 – 18 and the program can house up to 30 children.  Married couples are employed in the houses to care for the children, provide a safe and secure environment and provide a functional family structure.  The children attend local area schools and are encouraged to join activities they’re interested in.

            The Safety Harbor Ranch also has two full time therapists and one nurse on staff. 
They have a swimming pool, fitness room, activity center, library, computer lab, clothes closet, chapel, basketball court, playground and safe areas to play ball games and ride bikes/scooters/etc.

            I ask that you please support my worthwhile Florida based Project.  Donations
may be mailed to Jerri Devoll, Executive Secretary, 217 Ladue Ave., Crestview, FL 32539-7342.  Earmark your check “Youth Ranches/Safety Harbor” and don’t forget to complete your service report and mail to your Child Welfare Service Officer.

            Finally, I’d like to remind you that your Department Officers are here for YOU!  If you have questions and/or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact them. 

The only stupid question is the one not asked.

Proudly an American,

Sherry Marecek, President

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