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​                                                                       WHO WE ARE

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is made up of dedicated women whose primary focus revolves around our relationship to an individual who has honorably served our country in military service.  As Auxiliary volunteers, we are helping, caring and sharing for our community and for those who are serving and have served our country. We join together as an organization to promote, support, and assist our parent organization AMVETS in achieving this goal.

                                               WHAT WE DO

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary’s most important program is membership for without members our service programs would not exist. Membership provides   AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary with the potential to be effective in legislation and the ability to be heard on issues that are important to Veterans and their families. We strive to gain positive recognition in the media to gain publicity for our programs. Working together gives us the opportunity to explore the financial resources need to carry out our service programs and to develop new ones as the need arises.

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is involved in many worthy causes that help the smallest child to the oldest of adults. Many adults benefit from a wide variety of programs AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary sponsors in our community. Our Veterans and their families are our number one priority. Our VA Medical Centers provide the best of medical care to our Veterans while we provide the most dedicated volunteers who give our Veterans love and hope. Americanism is one of our most valuable assets for without it we would not be the most caring country in the world.  We have many scholarship programs that assist our members, as well as our sons, daughters, and grandchildren. THAT’S WHAT WE DO!